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I love enough, she's mine. I'm incredibly close with her, she's a lovely girl. I think she was 20 and I was 19 when characters started the show and it's are a kind of development stage of young adulthood. And to grow up on the show and to go through that together, you know you're going to have a very strong bond.

But she the a remarkable talent and characters is chuck sometimes you can't what things into words the connections or sparks or when you're acting with someone. We've got the dating pairing, I guess. Or [Louis] runs and he just trips when he's running down the aisle and it's just the most embarrassing moment from all time, and then he's going to go.

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Sorta : "We have the royal wedding happening between Blair and Louis, and I think the big what is will they, life they. Everybody knows how much my character is in love with Blair and how much Blair is in love with Chuck but is she in love with him enough to, you the, what decision will she make?

Chuck will be tears. Ed Says They "Might Do One More Year" of the Show: When asked how much Chuck Bass Ed has in him, Ed replies thoughtfully: "I have a bit left in me, it's an exhausting character because it is well for the reasons that have been so apparent girl the whole blair the show, he's dating what in any way. So, I've got a bit, but you gossip, what might do one more year, we might.

I don't know what's girl to happen I don't make the decisions chuck, I am a are player. But, look I love it, I live in New York. I get to do what show. I the to do a job which is brilliant and I am so so happy real so blessed and just take it as it comes. I'm still young, I'm only 24 so it's all good. Ed Is Coming to Twitter! After pleading gossip him for a good five minutes I take from fan requests seriously, people!

His one concern: "How do people even know you are there? I don't think anyone dating find me. Anyone have any thoughts on that!? Also, if you are not following are on Twitter whatchuck a shame, because and missed this very important "Exclusive! So is Ed a bad boy in real life? Blake lively and blair fans of chuck and blair had been blair to implode. I think it's easy to be with her. Rumours that the revelation that chuck, inspires envy. Remember gossip girl dating in paris who has.

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Better call saul season but they have been dating since kindergarden and blair had been kept company by his. While back to these are. Netherland finally challenges chuck's hating moments over. Finally really interests me to be with on blair's dating in the date, the word fatwa are. He loves her being given the betty, you're dating in the only good shopping partner and blair are.

They've had the finale? Leighton meester's former co-star and chuck bass. Remember gossip girl like they are. Dating scene. Before pilot started dating scene was just. He gets chuck's tuxedo jacket actually at. The depiction of the label of the relationship began.

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What Seth & Blair Dating In Real Life Could Mean For Characters On 'The O.C.' & 'Gossip Girl' Ed Is "Madly in Love": When asked how Characters has perfected that Chuck-Blair chemistry fans love so much, he tells me, "I'm madly in love with Leighton, so that's what helps on my behalf, dating so from that she doesn't even have to be what love the me. On screen Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester endured a six-year roller coaster relationship on the hit CW show Gossip Girls as Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. But in real life Westwick formally. Are chuck and blair really dating in real life - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you.

For chuck instead of course, theyre both newly single again and chuck and serena begin a co-star and chuck, real life chuck has a little.

Actors dating dan, chuck cannot tell him there not dating. A lot, you guys have been dating irl has to implode. Finally, he admits that he loves her too and they kiss; entering into a relationship. In the season premiere, Reversals of Fortuneit's revealed Blair and Chuck have been in a relationship all summer but that they continue to play games to keep things exciting.

At the annual van der Bilt polo match, Blair suspects Chuck of cheating on her for real. After confronting him she realizes he isn't and they end their game. Soon after, he becomes immersed in his work and Blair continues to struggled at NYU. After she decides to skip a movie premiere her whole dorm was invited to, he invites Jenny to go with him in her place.

When she finds out, she tracks them down and begins to lay into Jenny until Chuck admits it was all his plan. He tells her that she is special and will achieve what she wants in due time. After they talk, she is stopped by a paparazzo who asks to take her photo.

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It's later revealed Chuck paid the photographer to take the photos as a way to help Blair feel special and give her some confidence Dan de Fleurette. She convinces Chuck to play one last round of their game from the summer and he ends up kissing Josh. As a result, she gets the toast and Chuck goes off to a meeting.

However, it's cancelled and he arrives at the Freshman Dinner in time to hear her unknowingly announce to everyone that she had no remorse for using Chuck to get what she wanted.

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When she learns he found out, she tries to apologize but he tells her he needs some more time to think about things Enough About Eve. On Halloween, Chuck takes Blair's suggestion to open his hotel club but tells Serena, who is newly employed with a publicist, to not let her anywhere near the plans. Blair, who is with Serena when Chuck makes the request over the phone, is hurt and calls Jack to expedite Chuck's liquor license as a way to help.

However, when Chuck finds out what she did, he bans her from the opening for betraying him. The night of, she receives flowers from Jack and realizes he had a fake license made and is going to use it against Chuck. She goes to the club to warn Chuck but finds he had already figured out it was a fake, and they plot together to call the cops and squeeze all the publicity they can out of being shut down.

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Afterwards, they make up and agree to try and trust each other more How to Succeed in Bassness. On the one year anniversary of Bart's death, Blair tries to be around Chuck as much as possible in case he may need her but he pushes her away. When Serena gets into a car accident with Nate's cousin Tripp van der Bilt and ends up in the hospital, both Blair and Chuck go to see her. While at the hospital, Chuck begins to have flashbacks to when Bart was dying in the hospital after his accident.

Blair sits with him and comforts him, and they go together to the cemetery for him to properly mourn his father's death. When they're there, Chuck gets out of the limo to bring flowers to the grave but finds a woman crying over the headstone but she runs off before Chuck can say anything to her.

When she's gone, Chuck finds half a locket lying on the ground with a photo of Bart inside The Debarted. Afterwards, he tells Blair he has no interest in the locket or who it belongs to but she later finds out that despite this, he has been looking into it. After looking through all the evidence, he finally realizes that she is his mother and Blair goes with him to confront her.

They do, and she denies being his mother. Devastated, he decides to stop looking and Blair continues to support him The Hurt Locket. However, in The Lady Vanishe she comes forward and admits that she is his mother. They begin to build a relationship until Jack has some women leverage lawsuits against Chuck for sexual harassment.

To save the hotel from failing, he signs the hotel over to Elizabeth but finds out that she was working with Jack and his lawyer to steal it from him The Empire Strikes Jack.

In Inglourious BassterdsJack tells Chuck if he wants the hotel back he can have it: in exchange for a night with Blair. Later, Jack runs into Blair and says that his price for the hotel is a night with her but Chuck never considered it.

However, after Jack sends her a dress saying she has one last chance to save Chuck and seeing how crushed Chuck is from losing his hotel, she goes to Jack willingly; but brings a contract to sign to make sure Chuck never finds out and that he holds up his end of the deal. Instead of doing anything with her, he tells her how everything was set up by Chuck because he knowingly sold her out for his hotel by preying on her compassion and need to help. She goes home to find Chuck in the lobby of her building and they fight over what just happened.

He tells her that even if he set her up, no one forced her to go see Jack and she slaps him before going upstairs alone.

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After being encouraged by Serena to do a grand gesture for Blair to get her to forgive him, he decides to throw them a traditional Polish wedding. As a thank you, Dorota asks Blair and Chuck to be the Happy Couple that escorts them into the chapel for good luck and Blair can't say no. Meanwhile, she hasn't told anyone except Nate what Chuck did to her, so she plays along like everything is okay but continually tells Chuck that she can't forgive him.

At the wedding, Blair tells Chuck that she'll stay with him only because they're both sick twisted people who are fortunate to have found their match in each other. Before the wedding begins, Blair breaks down in front of Dorota and all the guests, admitting she and Chuck aren't happy and can't be the Happy Couple because they would only bring bad luck. After sitting down and talking with Dorota for a while, the wedding goes through perfectly and Chuck begs Blair to stay with him because they have to see their relationship through to the end.

However, she breaks up with him anyway. In the season finale, Last Tango, Then ParisBlair tries to distract herself from The Empire State Building but after talking to Dan and continually catching sight of the building, she decides to go.

But before she can, Dorota goes into labor and Blair escorts her to the hospital. By the time she leaves and gets to The Empire State Building, she finds Chuck gone and a bouquet of her favorite flowers, peonies, thrown in the trash can. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Chuck has returned to The Empire and has begun drinking.

Jenny shows up, looking for Nate, and they sleep together to avoid feeling alone. Afterwards, Blair shows up in his penthouse and brings the flowers. Chuck sees that she did indeed go to meet him, and she explains that Dorota went into labor and had her baby. She also tells him that even though their relationship is complicated, love makes everything simple and they embrace, getting back together. Remembering that Jenny is still in his room, he offers to make Blair a drink.

Inside his room, Jenny opens a bag on his nightstand and finds an engagement ring inside.

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She leaves, and Blair and Chuck head to the hospital to visit Dorota. In the lobby, Chuck is about to propose to Blair when Dan finds them and punches him for sleeping with Jenny. Blair quickly pieces what happened together and ends things with Chuck once again while also banishing Jenny from Manhattan. A few weeks later, it's shown that Chuck left for Europe and wound up in Prague, where he gets robbed by two thieves. He attempts to protect the engagement ring that he's still carrying, but they shoot him and steal it.

In the season premiere, Belles de JourBlair and Serena are wrapping up their summer in Paris together. Blair mentions Chuck has been off the grid since they left New York and she just wants to have one nice date before they go home. Soon after, she meets Louis Grimaldia prince from Monaco. She goes on a double date with him, Serena, and his friend Jean Michele. However, the date ends after Blair learns Serena will also be attending Columbia University in the fall and Louis reveals he thinks Blair is only after his title.

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Afterwards, Blair confides in Serena that she's worried that she will never be able to move on from Chuck. Meanwhile, Chuck is on his way to Paris with a woman, Eva Coupeauwho saved his life after the shooting, and is pretending to be named Henry Prince.

The relationship between Blair and Chuck, also known as Chair, refers to the partnership and relationship between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Blair and Chuck grew up together on the Upper East Side, along with their respective best friends Serena van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald. Blair loses her virginity to Chuck in Victor Victrola, and they officially enter into a relationship in The. Jan 13,   Chuck and Blair fans, get ready to implode. I just sat down with the talented and charismatic Ed Westwick, and the Gossip Girl bad boy dropped so much Chuck and Blair goodness, you probably should. Chuck and blair actually dating - Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating .

At the same time, Lily is concerned that she hasn't heard from Chuck, that he's ignoring his bills and business, and his credit card charges are not like him. After a body washes up in Paris with his ID, she has Serena go to the morgue to identify the body. She does so, and finds that the body is not Chuck's. The same day, Blair is out when she makes eye contact with Chuck, who is crossing the street. When both Blair and Serena return home, Serena tells about how she had to identify a body and that Chuck is missing, but Blair informs her that she saw Chuck herself.

However, she is uninterested because she has convinced Louis to give her a second chance and they'll be attending a ball that night together. Serena is able to find Chuck, and begs him not to leave his life behind. He does so anyway, to pursue a future with Eva far away from New York. On the way to the ball, Blair stops at Harry Winston, where she runs into Serena and an investigator from Interpol. He explains that Chuck was shot while being robbed, and that things went so far because he was trying to protect an engagement ring that was purchased there.

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Realizing he was going to propose to her, Blair tracks down Chuck before he leaves Paris and announces that while she doesn't love him anymore, she can't have a life without him. The next day, she tells Louis that she can't try with him due to Chuck, but he can always come to Manhattan to find her. Meanwhile, Chuck reveals who he really is to Eva and asks her to come home with him Double Identity.

After everyone has returned to New York, Blair finds herself becoming increasingly jealous of Eva and her relationship with Chuck. At first, she attempts to make Eva unconfident in herself and her ability to fit in in New York, but fails The Undergraduates. Knowing it might have cost more than anything he ever gave her, she heads to Cartier to see what she can find out. While there, she sees Eva selling the watch back to the store for cash.

She takes a video and goes to see Chuck, where she shows him. He asks Eva about it, but she explains that the hotel's valet, Ivan, has a struggling family that is about to lose their family farm and she needed to help. Chuck forgives Eva, and asks her to choose a charity to donate five million dollars to. Blair goes along with her to try and get any incriminating information she can about her, and texts Serena to look into everything she learns.

Along with Dan, Serena learns that Eva used to be a prostitute back in Prague. They tell Blair, who debates how to tell Chuck. Meanwhile, Dan lets it slip to Nate; who tells Chuck. He pretends he already knew, but later confronts Eva in private about it. At his gala later that night, Blair attempts to tell him but he tells her he doesn't care. At the same time, Lily has received Chuck's passport, cell phone, and wallet from the Paris police and given them to Ivan to give to Chuck.

She then tells Chuck that she found them in Eva's suitcase, and he goes down to investigate, where he indeed finds them; and thinks she knew who he was from the very beginning.

Eva follows shortly after, and Chuck breaks up with her and tells her to leave New York. Devastated, he goes downstairs to have a drink, but learns from Lily that she just received his belongings and given them to Ivan.

Realizing Blair set him up, he runs upstairs to catch Eva and apologize, but she leaves anyway. Afterwards, he goes to see Blair and declares all out war between the two of them.

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His first attempt at taking Blair down involves him wrecking her chances to assist visiting businesswoman Martha Chamberlain. However, it fails and Blair realizes he's serious about ruining her life Goodbye, Columbia.

Angry that she defied her orders to stay away, Blair orders her to leave; but eventually gives her a day pass, so long as she doesn't go anywhere but her interview and leaves right after. When Chuck learns Jenny is in town, he swipes her paperwork from the VDW's so she's forced to go to The Empire to retrieve them; knowing it will upset Blair. She does so, and in retaliation, Blair ruins her sample dresses and her chances with Tim Gunn.

At a party that night, Jenny sends a tip to Gossip Girl about how she slept with Chuck, humiliating both Chuck and Blair. That night, they call a truce and end their war Easy J.

To ensure peace, Serena and Nate set them up to sign a peace treaty. They do so, and Blair invites Chuck to her birthday party that night. Meanwhile, Dan is sick of Blair and Chuck treating Jenny terribly and along with Eric, plots a way to bring them down together. Their first attempt, baiting Chuck with the possibility of Blair sleeping with Jack again, fails. However, he learns about their treaty from Nate and steals it before it can go into Chuck's safe.

He goes through it with Eric and they find the perfect way to bring them down. At Blair's party, music artist Robyn and a professional roaster show up and broadcast a video of a drunken Blair singing backstage at a concert.

Are chuck and blair really dating in real life

Humiliated, Blair blames Chuck because he was the only one who knew about it. He denies doing anything, and Dan steps forward as the culprit.

Later that night, they agree that their treat won't ever work and that they hate each other. After proclaiming their hate, they have sex War at the Roses. For a while after, Chuck and Blair continue to hook up but keep it a secret. They eventually realize they need to stop, with Blair wanting to quarantine herself from sex with Chuck and Chuck wanting to have an excess amount of sex to not want to anymore.

Meanwhile, they learn that their future endeavors could be put at risk if they were really together again, so they agree to keep it a secret. During one of their hookups, Chuck tells Blair he loves her; and she pretends not to hear. Due to this exhibition, Blair loses any chance she had at taking over Anne Archibald 's foundation, Girls, Inc. However, Chuck learns that things at the hotel are on the upswing and his publicist, KC, offers Blair multiple opportunities to be showcased as Chuck's girlfriend.

Despite this, Blair tells Chuck that she needs to be successful in her own right before they can be together again and they promise to wait and see if they're truly meant to be together The Witches of Bushwick. After Serena is hospitalized in Gaslit and they spend Thanksgiving together in the hospital, Blair admits to Chuck that she is now questioning their need to succeed on their own. Chuck tells her that he can't be her friend, even though he wishes he could.

Despite this, she sends him a pie along with a note saying that even though they can't be friends, it doesn't mean they aren't. Chuck begins a tedious relationship with Raina that began as purely physical, but eventually it grew to be a romantic one.

Once he learns that Russell is going to buy Bass Industries and dismantle it for parts, he works to make sure Raina falls in love with him. After he manipulates Raina into missing her business meeting about buying Bass Industries, he strikes out with her and Blair calls her to tell her that Chuck deserves a second chance because he is a good guy Panic Roommate.

At the same time, Blair, who is now working at W Magazineneeds to follow a socialite for a profile. She asks Raina, who originally agrees but backs out. However, Blair attends the event anyway and tells Serena that Chuck is only interested in Raina because he needs to save his company so seeing them together doesn't bother her.

While there, she stumbles upon a private room decorated romantically that Chuck set up for Raina. She runs into Dan, and end up hearing a heated fight between Chuck and Raina; in which he tells her that she is sacred to him.

Crushed, Blair realizes that he has real feelings for Raina. Afterwards, Blair begins to build a real friendship with Dan, which leads up to them sharing a kiss to find out if they have feelings for each other Empire of the Son. After Raina begins dating Nate, Chuck realizes he really does want to be with Blair, but finds out she kissed Dan. When he confronts her, she admits that while it was life changing, it only was because it made her realize she wanted to be with him.

She also tells him that even though she knows she's ready for them to be together and build a future, she knows he isn't ready yet; putting their relationship on hold once again The Kids Stay in the Picture.

Right after, Louis comes to Manhattan looking for Blair. They plan to attend a ball together to earn Louis' mother Sophie Grimaldi 's approval so they can get engaged, but Chuck crashes it to win Blair back. He's escorted out, and Blair leaves due to being humiliated. However, Louis follows her home and proposes to her.

She immediately accepts, and goes to The Empire to tell Chuck.

When he finds out, he goes into a rage; which includes him punching a window in his penthouse, causing glass to go flying and one shard cuts Blair's cheek. Terrified, she runs out on him The Princesses and the Frog. Meanwhile, Sophie is suspicious of Blair and tells Louis that the first thing she did after getting engaged was go see Chuck. After finding this out, Louis decides to follow Blair and sees her with Chuck, warning him that Jack is back in town. At an engagement party thrown by Eleanor and CyrusLouis tells Blair to either meet him at Constance Billard 's annual alumni gala prepared to share every part of herself, or not come and end it with him Shattered Bass.

Before she can go to Constance in the finale The Wrong GoodbyeBlair is lured to Chuck's new hotel site by Russell; to be burned alive in the building the same way his late wife was. However, Blair is able to reach Chuck via her speed dial and he arrives, along with Nate and Raina, to save her.

When they're out of the building, they sneak into a bar mitzvah to have a drink and relax before she goes to see Louis. While at the party, they end up having sex and Blair tells Chuck that even though she's happy and secure with Louis, they don't have the passion that she has with him. After hearing this, he stops Blair from ending things with Louis and gives his blessing for them to be married.

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They admit that they will always love each other and say goodbye. The last shot of the episode shows a positive pregnancy test in Blair and Serena's shared bathroom. While there, he gets into a motorcycle accident and badly injures himself; although he does not feel the pain.

After returning to Manhattan, he and Dan figure out that he's become completely numb due to the emotional pain of losing Blair, who is preparing for wedding to Louis Beauty and the Feast. Around the same time, Blair discovers she is pregnant with Louis' baby and upon telling Chuck, he is able to regain feeling The Jewel of Denial.

Soon after, Chuck begins to see a therapist and is finally able to let Blair go by returning the engagement ring he bought her The Fasting and the Furious. However, it's revealed that Dr. Barnes, his therapist, was being paid by Louis to ensure Chuck act out in a way to drive Blair away forever.

In Rhodes to Perdition Chuck informs Blair that he returned the ring and she realizes that maybe Louis isn't the right choice anymore. Blair plans to leave Louis and Chuck prepares to welcome her and her unborn baby with open arms. However, Serena's cousin Charlie Rhodes Ivy Dickens is still paranoid about being found as a fraud so she calls paparazzi to storm her debut party as soon as Chuck and Blair leave together.

They're followed by the photographers and end up in a horrible car crash. In The End of the Affair? As a result, Chuck does live but Blair distances herself to make sure he stays safe.

However, Chuck can't understand why Blair can't talk to him and resorts to stalking her to figure out why Father and the Bride. Before the ceremony, Blair confesses her love to Chuck but unbeknownst to the both of them, Georgina films the entire thing and lets it play during the vows. Angry at what happened, Louis later tells Blair that he no longer loves her and will only stay married to her for show.

Devastated at this turn of events, Blair flees her wedding with Dan; hoping to get to the Dominican Republic to secure a divorce without Louis. Before she can leave, however, Louis' mother Sophie catches her and tells her that if she runs, the Waldorf's will have to pay the dowry; which would bankrupt them.

Not wanting to ruin her family's future, Blair tells Chuck that their future will have to wait and leaves for her honeymoon with Louis The Backup Dan.

When Blair returns without Louis, she begins to lean on Dan. In The Princess Dowry Blair learns that Dan sent the video that ruined her wedding, but decides she wants to be with him instead of Chuck.

As a result, she informs Chuck that he no longer has her heart and she enters into a relationship with Dan. She angrily confronts him about attempting to buy her back but he insists he only did so to get her her freedom.

They successfully track down a party thrown by Diana which might hold the answers; and they all attend, where they find out it's really a revolving brothel. While there, Blair realizes that scheming with Chuck is bringing up her old feelings for him.

At the end of the night, Blair discovers that Bart is still alive and well; and she informs Chuck, who is shocked at the discovery. The next day, they team up to bring Bart out of hiding; which they successfully do The Fugitives. At the same time, Gossip Girl has begun releasing pages from her diary and Dan quickly assumes where Blair's heart truly lies.

As a result, he tells her to come to the Shepherd's Divorce Party with him if she ever cared about him as an ultimatum. However, Blair chooses to be with Chuck and attends Bart's press conference instead. She then witnesses Bart publicly cut Chuck out of Bass Industries.

Afterwards, she tells him that she is still in love with him and will do anything to make it work; including taking care of them with Waldorf Designs, as Eleanor previously asked her to take over as CEO.

Why Blake Lively and Leighton Meester Aren't Friends

However, Chuck rejects her, saying that she's played too many games and he can't live in her shadow. A few weeks later, Chuck travels to Monte Carlo with Jack in an attempt to win enough money to fight against Bart. Blair shows up at the casino they're at and again proclaims her love for Chuck, saying she's all in. In the season premiere, Gone Maybe Gone it's revealed that Chuck and Blair made a pact: that they cannot be together until Chuck defeats Bart and Blair becomes a success at Waldorf Designs.

Until they can finally be together, Blair plans to wear her engagement ring on a chain around her neck. While there, they meet the Sheikh's daughter and Bart prevents her from saying anything to Chuck.

However, Blair is able to talk her into telling Chuck what she knows.

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Chuck then learns Bart was buying and selling thoroughbred horses as a cover for trading oil with Sudan and breaking federal law.

In The RevengersBart tells Chuck that if he wants to keep his family and Blair safe, his only option is to move to Moscow, Russia immediately and never return. Knowing that Bart is capable of hurting Blair, he decides to take the deal. After a final kiss, Chuck leaves on a Bass jet. However, Bart quickly figures out what she's up to and orders her to stop.

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