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He also seemed to stop acting against the Scoobies, and instead began to use his skills to bring unexpected preparation and key tools to the fight against evil including incredibly nerdy and useful technology, such as multi-spec goggles which could see in darkness and read magic. Much like his brother Tucker, Andrew was proficient in controlling animals and summoning various species of demons often by using musical instruments such as a panpipes and a reedy aboriginal one; because of this, he was usually in charge of deploying demons and creatures against adversaries, given his and his colleagues' meager fighting skills, though he refrained from using this ability after the end of the Trio. Additionally, he displayed enough knowledge of genetics to recreate the extinct Ragna demons, and also possessed enough mechanical knowledge to build a second Buffybot based on Warren's notes and create energy disruptors and frequency jammers in the form of ray guns. He was also semi-fluent in both dead and demon languages. Aside from his skills with summoning demons, Andrew was trained in the typical Watcher skills and possessed an in-depth knowledge of popular culture.

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