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The job of a police officer often carries an assortment of positive and negative opportunities. However, the increased demand of this profession is one of the reasons why it is an enticing option for a lot of job seekers. If you are going to try it out, it is important to remember that there are some challenges as well as rewards that await you. Thus, here are some pros and cons of being a police officer to determine if this job is really for you or not. Challenging Career Choice This is actually a positive impression because even if people are having a job in the criminal justice system, they love what they are doing.

Self Respect The first pro is not really an advantage.

Feb 27,   It's natural to worry, girls, but it's also important to know that he's smart enough to know when he's in danger and how to handle it. Without further ado - the pros & cons to dating a police officer. PROs. 1. You know you're safe - I mean come on, he/she's probably carrying a gun . Dating a cop can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life, it will seem like a challenge at times, but can be extremely rewarding to one with the right personality. You have to be saint and extremely understanding, down to earth person to understand MEN IN BLUE. Most of the cops are not looking for emotional relationships. Jul 26,   List of Pros of Being a Police Officer. 1. Self Respect. The first pro is not really an advantage. It is more of a reason of satiation. Being a law enforcement officer is a proud feeling 2. Financial Security. Being a police officer assures financial security. The salaries are relatively.

It is more of a reason of satiation. Being a law enforcement officer is a proud feeling. Very few people in the world are actually proud of what they do.

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A police officer, one who is righteous and harbors the spirit of justice, will be one proud woman or man. Financial Security Being a police officer assures financial security.

Dating a police officer pros and cons

The salaries are relatively handsome. There are allowances and plenty of financial coverage taking care of various exceptional expenses. Rivera disappearance sparks concerns over water safety. How coronavirus outbreak has changed Sam's Club.

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Jan 14,   List of Pros of Being a Police Officer. 1. Challenging Career Choice. This is actually a positive impression because even if people are having a job in the criminal justice system, they love what they are doing. In fact, this is perfect for those who love challenging tasks. Dec 10,   Cons: He will have odd hours, he will at times be stressed out from the job, and if you plan on making this a long term thing or a serious relationship then you may not be able to . Financial Comfort. One attractive ct of being a police officer is the financial security you will have. Salaries in this career are competitive and you have lots of room for upward movement. If you stay around long enough, you will steadily increase your salary.

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Answer Save. Halo Lv 7. There are not any it's the person your dating not their job.

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Pros: You can speed as much as you like in the city the cop works in Can get connections whenever your in trouble with the law You might feel safer when around this person Cons: A cop will usually know when you are lying, so that might suck They sometimes are very controlling and demand respect all the time when your high they ALWAYS know.

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May 14,   The good, bad and ugly of dating police officers. CHERYL LAVIN CHICAGO TRIBUNE. There are all kinds of cops, from Dirty Harry to Officer Friendly. There Author: CHERYL LAVIN. Pros of Dating a Cop. 1. Security. Dating a police officer who interacts with dangerous criminals every day gives you a certain level of safety and security that not 2. Independence. 3. You'll have a natural leader in the house. 4. Cops are respected members of society. 5. A cop is more likely. Pros = you are above the law for the most part. Cons = Most of them are woman beaters and/or become fierce mental abusers due to their whole authority thing. You will notice a major personality change. It will feel almost like he's been brainwashed.

But, to each her own Once you start falling in love with a cop, you obviously want the best for them and to protect them from everything negative they face. This is not possible with a cop.

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You will always know in the back of your mind that they could be in danger at any particular time but you will have no way to help them. Some of these criminals will spend a lot of time obsessing over ways to revenge which could put you in danger if the criminal tries to use you to get to the cop.

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Crime happens all the time and there have to be cops on duty at all times to maintain law and order and to respond to emergency calls at any time. Most cops have seen and done terrible things in the line of duty especially if they operate in high crime areas.

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Some serious PTSD cases can lead to a total change of behavior and personality which can affect the cop for a long time. Due to the dangerous nature of their jobs, cops are at a higher risk of dying on the job than lawyers, accounts, bankers, or most other people you choose to date.

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Every time you say goodbye to them in the morning could be the last. This can make it hard for you to fully commit to the relationship as you will always be scared to end up alone too early in life.

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They could be called in at any time and they will have to drop everything and go to work. It can be impossible trying to find time to spend with him in between his erratic schedules.

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Another thing you may have to deal with is infidelity. Every day your boyfriend will be around women who throw themselves at him and sometimes the temptation is too much.

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Not to mention, their bond with female officers or dispatchers may seem suspicious even if they are not physically cheating. You will be proud of who your boyfriend is and feel so happy every time you hear him get back home safe to you. Dating a female cop is also not for everyone. First of all, do not expect a submissive girlfriend who accepts anything without putting up a fight.

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