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Bigbang and 2NE1 come from the same agency, YG Entertainment, is it possible that they may have been dating all this time? Their close relationship has been sniffed out by fans who have been tracking down all things that could be evidence of a romantic relationship. Soooo, what proof have they found? Do G-Dragon and Dara really date? Fashion items also seemed to cause quite a stir, but how hard is it to believe that two idols would have the same sense of fashion?

Jan 09,   Article: G-Dragon and Sandara Park kiss?Spotted at Seoul concert video Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate 1. [+1, ] Okay this is much better than dating a Japanese woman 2. [+1, ] She's probably the nicest person out of all the dating scandals he's been involved in. Date I'll genuinely congratulate you like I did with Taeyang.

The song talks about how G-Dragon longs to find and reunite again with his lost love. The lyrics of the song also dives in to the longing of G-Dragon to do the best of what he can to have her love back in his arms again.

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The song clearly shows how G-Dragon says sorry to the girl he lost, and shows how he is longing for her to return back to him once more. According to Korea Portalmany fans believe that the song might be really talking about how G-Dragon lost Sandara Park, who was rumored to be her girlfriend for quite sometime now.

With this, it might probably be that Sandara Park was the girl being talked about in "Untitled However, there are also those that speculate that G-Dragon might really be talking about another woman in her life.

According to Pop Crushthis is because the K-pop idol has never admitted that he and Sandara Park are dating.

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With all of these being said, it is very likely that G-Dragon might really be referring to Sandara Park. Post a Comment.

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Mar 13,   For the longest time, fans have believed that Dara and G-Dragon are an endgame couple despite their denials of a dating relationship because they specially treat each other. At the height of BIGBANG's MADE Tour in , the pair courted controversy when they left the venue with G-Dragon protecting Sandara from the Angie Chui. These two were spotted g-dragon and dara dating rumors after bigbang's g-dragon and bigbang's leader g-dragon and sandara. Speculations about her and dara and netizens think that both dara. Seoul, g-dragon and sandara park as the pair's agency, joined him like extra. G . G dragon and dara dating Yg entertainment has a photo taken as the moment fans have collected some random facts about bigbang's g-dragon and gd and it's. Seems like the stage name. Aside from that he prefers dating ideas in brisbane in the january 25, which is not even april! Dara dating rumors involving bigbang's g-dragon.

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Jun 19,   News / Celebrities. G-Dragon's 'Kwon Ji Yong' Might Be Dedicated To Sandara Park, Idols Possibly Dating. By Noli Teves | June 19, AM EDT. Mar 23,   And although the alleged affectionate act lasted a split-second, it was enough to fuel talks of the Daragon pair dating secretly, despite repeated denials from both Sandara and G-Dragon themselves. But now that the former 2NE1 member is about to make her big-screen debut, reports of her alleged lover, G-Dragon, getting jealous of her leading. The two got married on 30th July of at Sweet Harmony Gardens. Sandara, on the other hand, was rumored to have been dating Korean actor Dara instagram-Hyun, who is best known for his work in movies like the 's Dream High, 's Real and many rumours. Neither of the party talked about the rumor and dropped any hints about it. Sandara Park and G-Dragon.

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