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Being single again for the first time in a hot minute, I decided to do some research on the world out there that awaits us lonely wanderers - what the dating experts say on relationships. In doing so, I uncovered some interesting, alarming and a couple sadly unsurprising statistics. Some of them confirmed awful fears and made the feminist in me cringe and others made me want to hi-five a million angels. As they say, knowledge is power:. Women take longer, reporting the same feelings around date Singledom is inertia.

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We also discussed a lot of topics and articles such as this one by thoughtcatalog. In doing so, I uncovered some interesting, alarming and a.

Dating & Relationships Facts. Money Matters. More women than men say they need independence in a relationship and prefer to keep their bank accounts separate. Men tend to be less secure, and statistics also show that for every $ that a woman earns more her husband, the chance of divorce increases by 5%. Mar 01,   Date Dating Fun Flirting Everything you need to know about dating people outside your race. There are 3 points. 1)You can sign up for a free membership. 2)There's a section on how to succeed on your first date. 3)You get an internet chat room.4/5(1).

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The DOS and DON'TS of DATING A VIRGO/ Best and Worst Traits/Cusps/SOULMATE MATCHES for VIRGOS

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Most people will fall in love approximately seven times before marriage. For more amazing facts, browse Fact Retriever's selection of love and dating facts. Here are a few great dating facts that you may never have heard of. #1 The balance of love When two people are in love with each other, at any point of time, one person will always love the other person a lot more. Now this doesn't mean one person will hate their partner while another person is madly in . Daily's study also suggests that men know when they're falling for someone as soon as three dates in. Women take longer, reporting the same feelings around date Interestingly, that's exactly the same time that most couples say they exchange keys to each other's homes: between the 12th and 14th date. 3.

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Follow Thought Catalog. If this was a problem for most countries, a good rule of thumb would be to avoid anybody who shares your surname.

However, even siblings in Iceland can have different surnames since your surname would be the first name of your father and whether you were his son or daughter e. When YouTube first launched, the founders of the website were unsure which direction they wanted to take it in.

The aim was initially to provide a platform where lovelorn singles could upload videos of themselves and hook up with other users.

Interesting facts about dating and relationships

A study by the American Psychological Association found that men rated women wearing red as more attractive, associating the color with sex.

A separate study by the same association, found women to associate the color red with power and status. Of the Couples studied, people who started dating after a short period of knowing each other were more likely to be the same level of attractiveness. The 19 th Century telegram was a way of contacting people over long distances by sending messages in Morse code.

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Not long after the telegram was popularised, people were using it in the same way we would use the internet today. People would look for romance over long distances, and take part in Morse code chat rooms with the hope they might meet somebody there. Have you ever questioned whether or not you should date somebody because you felt that they were just too young for you?

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A study by the American Psychological Association involving 94 participants ageing from 18 to 69 found that the participating males were more than twice as likely as females to confess their love to their partner. The only sample group where women were marginally more likely to profess their love first were those more inclined towards no-strings-attached relationships.

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A study found that overall marital quality was generally greater if women were content with their relationship. Sometimes, life hits you where it hurts and you are so sad, it feels like the world is ending. Well cheer up, because it could kill you!

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Although rare, it can, and has happened. Here we're going to see how exactly you can die from a broken heart. The Fact Site requires you to enable Javascript to browse our website. We are currently in the golden-age of dating!

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