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Jul 15, PM. Jul 16, PM. Jul 17, AM. Arch wrote: I love their relationship. I wouldn't mind reading an interracial "Parker and Hardi I hope the relationship shows some character development, not just bump and giggle in the sheets.

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Leverage parker and hardison dating

The first episode was such a love letter to Pardison fans. They went from cute to hot to teasing to intense. That scene of them in the doorway defusing the bomb was super hot!

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My hands down favorite episode of the season. BTW, I adored the second episode too. What a great tone shift from the first and second shows. I hope, hope, hope Leverage gets renewed next year. If not, oh well I have my dvds to revisit over and over again. Sep 18, AM. Sep 18, PM. I wish I could have a Hardison.

Intelligent, sweet, wealthy, kind, loving, and sensitive. I kinda thought at the end when Parker kissed him for luck it was more like her way of getting to kiss him one last time just in case what she had planned didn't work. I also like the fact that no one stops them from being lovey, not even Elliott and he's not the most patient man in the world.

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Now they would do my heart good if they brought in a sister girl for him to love. Sep 19, AM.

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Sep 19, PM. Danielle- The bromance between Eliot and Hardison is the best! I love the episode where they parodied The Office and Eliot and Hardison are feuding the whole time because Eliot made this totally awesome sandwich: "I take thinly sliced turkey, I pan sear it with some sweet maui onions, then I put a slice of dill havarti cheese and another slice of an heirloom tomato There were a lot of floors.

She had a lot of passes. As she was walking around, taking a couple of tiny things here and there. Her pockets were full of pens, paper clips, wallets, ID cards, and loose cash. Parker likes loose cash. Suddenly an alarm went off.

Summary: "Yeah. I met Captain Puerto Rico when he stole my HYDRA base, Natalie when she stole my information, Banner when he stole my diamonds, Tony when he stole my escape plan and Hawkman-guy-whatever like seven minutes ago when he stole my Eliot," Parker said, gesticulating wildly. Leverage Parker And Hardison Dating, dating in indonesia search, free uk dating sites uk, black man and chinese women dating 24 ans Attractive World vous offre la possibilite de faire des rencontres inedites pres de Leverage Parker And Hardison Dating chez vous grace aux evenements exclusifs organises par les membres de la / Leverage is an American action crime drama television series, which aired on TNT from December 7, , to December 25, The series was produced by Electric Entertainment, a production company of executive producer and director Dean Devlin. Leverage follows a five-person team: a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a retrieval specialist, led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who.

They must have found her rooftop entrance. She knew they would be looking for a person who didn't fit in, so she would now be focusing on fitting in. So she needed an office, everybody else on the floor had an office. Parker did not have an office, mostly because she didn't really work there. Parker knocked on a closed-door near to where she was lurking. There was no response so she just opened the door, it wasn't locked so she didn't feel too bad not that she would have felt bad if she had to pick open the door.

She checked the name on the door, Tony somebody-or-whatever. Parker could pass as a Tony if she tried. She sat down at the desk and face planted. This was a lot of hassle for something she didn't want to do. Parker decided that a smart idea would be to take inventory so she could get out. She wanted to get the heck out. Parker regretted everything. He seemed hungover.

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Parker wanted to get out of there times more. She watched him stumble up from the couch and then fall back onto the floor. Alcohol sucks and she would rather not deal with someone under the influence of that demon juice. She knew he was but it was nice to ask.

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Well, that sucks. Wait, did he say Stark? Yeah, no. This was too much stress for her, she wanted to shut down under the desk. That little dark space was inviting, nice to curl up in.

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Talking to people was just very hard. Parker decided this was a lovely time to find a window, there was a window in the room so she walked over and opened it.

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It was an incredible drop down to the next rooftop. Parker was excited. She sighed and set up the rig. This whole exercise was very unplanned, Archie would be sufficiently annoyed after this terrible adventure. Her landing zone was a small rooftop in the distance. Tony watched her from the window. There was nothing in the news about a strange blonde teenager breaking into Stark Industries so she assumed Tony hadn't told anyone.

Maybe he thought he was still drunk? Whatever it was, it doesn't matter. The important part was that no one found out it was her. She was in Kolkata to steal some diamonds. Diamonds are exciting and sparkly and awesome. Parker likes diamonds. She had stolen the diamonds and she was currently hiding out in a small village. She turned into an alley, full of people. Well, full of 5 people. There was a man, brown hair, grey T-shirt, grey linen pants, he was at the opposite end of the alley.

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It looked like he was trying to get the other men to leave him alone. The diamonds were more important than this weird old guy.

She looked around, the other four guys turned towards her. They were wearing all black, every one of them. That caused a bit of a problem with a group of goths two years ago, Archie smoothed that over quickly though and Parker got out of jail easily.

But she was already a witness so she might as well help. She was 19, she needed those nice, beautiful, sparkly, amazing, incredible, diamonds for things that are not friendship bracelets for her and Mr Rabbit. Two of the men began to walk menacingly towards her, the other two watching the Banner-man.

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Goddamnit, she was going to have to give up the diamonds, her beautiful sparkly babies would have to be sacrificed to the Secret Service. She broke out in a run towards the men, gripping the bag of diamonds with her left hand.

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The men looked surprised, probably thinking she was just some regular blonde bimbo. She hopes a diamond gets in their eyes. Then turned a corner and ran like hell. Eventually, they lost their tail, ending up on a fire escape on the other side of the city.

Where did you get those diamonds? Well, that was all.

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She scaled up the fire escape and onto the roof. She had 3 small diamonds left. She made them into a necklace for herself. Parker kept it as a reminder of the first time she helped a person with her thieving. Parker had decided that this was ok. Working with a team was new and the year-old was struggling.

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The Leverage team was on a job, some guy who was skinning money off the top of his charity funds. His name was Malcolm Jenkins, Parker wanted to stab him.

She wanted to stab him very very badly.

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Hardison was telling them about Jenkins and his terrible personality. Nate had a plan and so Sophie went in first with the disguise of Jillian Metz, a very annoying woman with a very snooty accent who had become his assistant. Parker was going to break into his office to find dirt on him.

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There was little to no security around his office and so Parker got in with minimal effort. She's never had a family so how would she know what one feels like? Yet, somehow, hearing their banter and feeling their energy around her makes her feel like she belongs.

Sep 27,   In tonight's season five premier Parker let the gang know that she and Hardison is a couple. Earlier today, I've watched an interview the cast did on a TV show and Beth (Parker) let the hosts know/confirm that Parker and Hardison is a couple. I'm glad that they are an openly couple. Hardison leaned back on the bed and ran his hands over his face, letting out a deep breath. It was getting a little depressing. He still hadn't found Parker, and he had came so close today. He knew she was in town, but she always seemed to be one step ahead of him. Truth be told, he missed Parker.

She's never belonged anywhere. And no-one has ever come back for her.

"The Nigerian Job" is the pilot episode of the American cable television dramedy Leverage. It originally aired on December 7, on TNT. In this episode, Nate and his team must steal back stolen airplane designs from an aerospace engineer's rival. Dec 12,   At the end of the (awesome) episode, Parker figured out something important regarding her relationship with Hardison. She had just spent the hour thieving around with a guy who was just like her, trying to get him to see how some good can come out of being bad. TV Shows Leverage. Follow/Fav Parker and Hardison Drabbles. By: Korangatangi. A few drabbles about Parker and Hardison. Rated: Fiction K - English - Romance - Parker, Alec H. - Words: - Published: 23m - id: +.

He wants to talk about the kiss but she's never been much of a talker. She can tell that he enjoyed it and so did she.

She wishes she could talk about it, tell him all the confused emotions swirling around inside her head. Tell him that, for her, it wasn't pretend. It wasn't just to distract the guards. She's the world's greatest thief. She could have easily gotten past them. The guards simply presented her with an opportunity to do something she'd been thinking about doing for a while.

And now she's done it and it was better than she had thought and he wants to talk but she's never been much of a talker. She's more of a doer. So she tosses the David to him and hopes he understands what that action means. That, for once in her life, she doesn't covet something that she's just stolen.

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