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I wanted it to stop so I said, 'yes. When she opened her mouth to answer, he started talking again, because this time, it was a rhetorical question.


That I was going to get to be close to you and convince myself that my heart wasn't actually beating too fast, that my palms weren't really sweaty and that I don't fucking blush whenever you say something that could be interpreted as nice to me? Did you really think that letting me spend time with you was going to make me come to the utterly laughable conclusion that I don't fancy you?

Lily stared at James, her lips pressed tightly together.

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No matter how uncomfortable the topic of conversation, it was preferable to the silence. You hardly know me at all.

James Potter and Sirius Black had been wandering around Diagon Alley for twenty minutes. James had decided to come early; he wasn't willing to risk missing Lily. Stepping out of the quidditch supply shop, the two teenagers spotted the tell-tale red hair of Lily Evans. She was facing away from them, nervously tapping her foot. "HI EVANS!". The story always said that James Potter fell in love with Lily Evans, destined to be so, and that his worst enemy was Severus Snape. But what if that story was a lie? James Potter did fall for Lily Evans, but she never loved him back. Severus Snape was his enemy, but none so much as London Bexley, t. You're My Flower, Lily - A Lily Evans and James Potter Fanfic (Jily) - You know the story of Lily and James Potter, but how did it come to be? This is, in my eyes, how they finally started dating in their 7th and final year of Hogwarts. Ft. the Marauders and their antics:) ates twice every week whenever possible. I Reviews:

This," She gestured between the two of them. I like that you're sarcastic all the time, especially when you want to keep something to yourself. I like that you don't always care to make sure that your stockings match or that your hair is perfect, but then you always have time to tutor younger kids and help your friends with their homework.

You stand up for what you believe in, even when no one else is standing with you-". He looked at the corner of the table as he spoke.

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You didn't even let yourself think for a moment that you were wrong. That's not some light thing either. People almost always go with the majority. Or that she had just gotten up and left after the first half hour of silence like she had wanted to.

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She took a deep breath, willing herself not to argue the point any further. It's your turn. As the date went on, James realized that he had decided to try and Lily realized she was laughing far too much for a girl who was meant to only be doing this to rid herself of her date. Eventually they finished their chips and their drinks and James asked if Lily would fancy taking a walk around town before they had to head back up to the castle.

Lily and james start dating fanfiction

It was very cold outside, despite it being October, but Lily agreed. She wrapped a thick knit scarf around her neck and pulled on her mittens, stuffing her hands into her pockets when they stepped outside. The creek was small, only a meter or two wide, three at its widest point, and it meandered about behind a few of the lesser-known shops. I said it was neat, not remarkable.

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Look what happened. Lily turned her gaze away from James and towards where he was pointing.

- When Lily and James Potter wake up on a frosty night in Godrics hollow, they don't think anything has changed. Little do they know that they've missed out on a little more than they expected Follow James and Lily on their adventure to catch u. This fic covers everything in the important missing years of Lily and James' interaction from the incident near the Lake in Fifth Year to the start of Lily and James in Seventh Year. It's hillarious (and frustrating too, which signs a job well done by the author) to see how difficult it is for Lily to be friends with James and James with her, as though they are never meant to be just friends. James Potter (96) Sirius Black (64) Harry Potter (48) Remus Lupin (46) Lily Evans Potter (37) Albus Dumbledore (25) Peter Pettigrew (24) Severus Snape (21) Ron Weasley (18) Include Relationships Hermione Granger/James Potter Sirius Black/Hermione Granger (18) James Potter/Lily Evans Potter (13) Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin (9).

Around all the trees that were in the bank of the creek, about a foot up the trunk, were rings of ice with small icicles hanging down from them. They glittered spectacularly in the afternoon sun and Lily grinned. How did you find this? I thought it would help if I walked off some of the nervous energy.

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They stopped in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady and Lily turned to him smiling. Lily was glad that he was happy with that answer, because while she had had fun, she still didn't fancy him. He was still Potter, and she hadn't quite forgotten all of the reasons that she didn't normally speak to him.

Lily pursed her lips and tapped her fingers against the side of her mug while James sat stock still on the other side of the table, looking anywhere but at her. So far she had attempted to start six different conversations (two of which had had to do with Quidditch) with no luck.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. It was only supposed to be one date. She had said yes simply to make him stop asking her. She figured that they'd go on the date, he'd realize his mistake and then stop thinking that he fancied her and she could go on with her life, James Potter just a small, annoying, blimp in the past.

That's not exactly how the events unfolded. Remember, reviewers are golden.

You stand up for what you believe in, even when no one else is standing with you-" "How could you know something like that? Remember Me.

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Hermione is dying and a bizarre ritual might be the only thing that saves her. But a forged dyad with Harry isn't quite strong enough to keep the curse at bay.

A triad, however, will do the trick. But not just any triad, no.

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One comprised of familial magic seems to be just what they need and there's only one relative of his left for them to ask. No one imagined that Hermione Black's mere existence would lead to the Dark Lord's defeat. Marauder's Era AU.

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Hermione expected her divorce. It was everything else that happened afterwards that was unexpected. With Harry dead, Hermione knows there's only one thing left they can do to defeat Voldemort.

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She must invoke the goddess, but when she's offered life and not death in exchange for Hecate's powers, will she be able to handle the consequences of her actions? Maybe, fate didn't want Hermione Granger to run away.

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Maybe, fate wanted Hermione Granger to change the world instead. In which, with another chance at life, Hermione unexpectedly made heroes out of the usual villains.

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Her mission had been simple. Go back, kill tom riddle before he was born, and harry wouldn't have died in that graveyard, there would be no Voldemort. Unfortunately during her travel, Hermione finds herself attacked. Depriate to get away she turns the time turner.

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A stunning spell catches her off guard in the middle of turning the clock back, bring her to 25 years in the past.

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