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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Unfortunately for everyone at Auradon, the Isle of the Lost kids do things very differently. Not only do they bring mischief, but a whole new kind of love. About to be crowned King, Ben feels like he knows himself well. He knows who he is and what he wants

Not only do they bring mischief, but a whole new kind of love. About to be crowned King, Ben feels like he knows himself well. He knows who he is and what he wants Or so he thought.

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Mal, and Carlo's parent's respectively give their children missions, unfortunately they both have the same mission; to seduce Prince Ben. Who will win Bens heart? When a new arrival at Auradon Prep causes Ben to fall head over heels literally Mal and Evie take their best shot at playing matchmakers between the two.

Audrey and Mal grew up as sisters on the Isle, while Uma was taken in and raised by Ariel as a princess in Auradon.

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Uma, fully aware of the fate she had avoided by being taken in by Ariel, heavily supports Ben in bringing the VK to Auradon. Since that night, Ben has been wondering and searching for the boy he met and quickly became smitten over. Meanwhile, Carlos and his friends are adjusting to their new start-overs in Auradon, finding their places. It made sense. Plenty of Isle kids had soulmates off the Isle.

This is off of my wattpad account. Elizabeth is Mal's sister but she is different from her. She is friends with Uma the daughter of Ursula, Harry the son of Captain Hook, and Gil the son of Gaston. Elizabeth and Mal have the same mothers but different fathers though. What would happen when she r. Mal and Carlos were once in a secret romantic relationship back on the Isle of the Lost. Six months later, Mal is in a relationship with King Ben of Auradon, while Carlo. "Mal, your very sketchy and I love that part of you, your blunt and honest and your insanely pretty and talented and smart" She laughs and smiles at you. You look over to Carlos "I hate everything about you Carlos" I wait to see his reaction. Carlos looks surprised and Mal, Evie and Jay stifle there laughs. "Hey!" he shouts, offended.

It was just how life was. They were never going to meet their soulmates, because they were never going to get off the Isle.

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Things are swapped, the villains are the heroes and the heroes are the villains in this story. This follows similar to the original movies but if everything was completely switched.

The Beast's gang, the gang of Benjamin Beast, ends up with the invitation to go to Auradon Prep, a once in a lifetime chance to get off the Isle of the Lost and find happiness and success in a better place. But will these villain kids find their way to being good or are they just too rotten to the core?

Taking place a few months after Not Alone should read firstUma and her crew are still adjusting to life in Auradon.

Nov 05,   Mal pranks Ben with lyrics of rotten to the core - Duration: Carlos and Jane are moving to the island of the lost - Duration: Alisson Rivera 1, views. Mal is in love with one of her best friends Carlos who she can't be with due to love being forbidden on the Isle and Villains don't get their happily ever after but all that changes when she is chosen to go Auradon Prep with her three best friends. Read telling jay from the story mal and Carlos by GracieChurchill (Gracie Churchill) with reads. marlos. Carlos i need to talk to you Jay said ok.

Life has gotten so much more complicated. Relationships have become strained, new enemies lurk around every corner, and old ones still haunt their dreams. It's enough to make them lose sight of what it means to be Crew.

But there's a darkness here. One that just might remind them. All is not well in Auradon. Some of the Villains are scheming again even the Auradonian's aren't so innocent. Can everyone understand their mixed-up feelings and stop the spreading of chaos before the worst becomes reality?

Twenty years ago, the Kings and Queens of all the lands rounded up all the villains and criminals and trapped them on an Island, nicknamed the Isle of The Lost.

Maleficent, Queen of the Dark Fae, rules over the Isle with a bronze fist. And bronze creatures. My book. I need my Oh, ah! The safe. Queen, help me!

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I never can figure this thing out! My mom and Evie's mom open up the safe where the spell book is kept which is in the fridge that has a special key to open it.

Maleficent: My spell Oh, oh. There she is gives the spell book to me. It doesn't work here but it will in Auradon. When we were spreading evil and ruining lives. Maleficent: Now the four of you I want you to all packed all your things that you want to take with you to Auradon. The limo is coming early tomorrow morning to take you to Auradon where you will be the first villain kids to go to Auradon all because Prince Ben the future King of Auradon wants to give you guys a second chance for a better life.

Our time has finally come where we can finally get our revenge. Now Carlos, Evie and Jay get out of my house and go home so you can get ready for tomorrow when the limo picks you all up early tomorrow morning. Then Carlos, Evie and Jay all leave my house with their parents to get ready for the big day tomorrow.

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I go up to my room and go straight to bed dreaming about me having a better life with the love of my life Carlos in Auradon. Author note this story is dedicated to my online friend and first follower on wattpad CameronBoyce19 who I bonded with over our love for Marlos Mal x Carlos. I know a lot of the dialogue looks like it is straight from the movie that because it is straight from the script I found online but I changed up some of the words.

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I am going to try to upload a new chapter as often as I can but I start school soon and I am going to be busy staying on top of school. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Descendants, What if Mal never fall in love with Ben instead she is in love with Carlos? What would happen if Evie fall in love with Ben instead of Mal falling in love with Ben?

Descendants AU with the main ships Marlos and Bevie. Same plot as Descendants but with a different storyline in alternative universe. This is story is for in loving memory of Cameron Boyce Once a upon time on an island called the Isle of the Lost faraway from the kingdom of Auradon.

Me: Hi mom! Maleficent: Stealing candy, Mal? I'm so disappointed.

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Me: It was from a baby. Maleficent: That's my nasty little girl.

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Maleficent: Give it back to the dreadful creature. Me: Mom Me: "Cursing entire kingdoms". Me: I know that and I'll do better. Me: What? I'm not going to some boarding school filled to the brim with prissy pink princesses! Evie: And perfect princes. Evie: Ugh. Then Jay tries to give Carlos a high five but instead Carlos says something.

Me: Yeah, mom, we're not going. Maleficent: Oh, you're thinking small, pumpkin. It's all about world domination. Me: What's in it for us? Maleficent: Matching thrones. Hers- and- hers crowns.

Carlos: Um, I I think she meant us.

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Maleficent: It's all about you and me, baby. Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer? Me: Well, yeah. I mean, who doesn't Then Evie's mother, the Evil Queen corrects my mother by saying "Our will". Maleficent: Our will, our will.

Mal's POV I woke up on top of Carlos he wasn't that little weak boy anymore he was sorta like ben but way different anyway his arms were around me this felt right but why I thought I looked at Carlos watch and it said three am "oh I guess I'll go back to sleep " I pulled a blanket over me wait a blanket Carlos must of put one over me oh well. Sep 15,   Edit - MAYBE INSTEAD OF WATCHING THIS CRAP, YOU'LL WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEOS? THEY ARE REALLY BETTER THAN THIS. - Mal/Carlos - Marlos - We The Kings - Sad Song - Descendants and Descendants 2. Carlos. She abandoned the door in favour of turning to her friend, who'd now sunk down onto the floor and brought his knees to his chest. Carlos didn't like this, didn't like this one bit. He could feel the room closing in on him, the ceiling falling down. Immediately, Mal was in front of him, taking his hands in hers.

Maleficent: And if you refuse, you're grounded for the rest of your life, missy. Me: What Me: Fine. Maleficent: I win.

Then the next thing I know it Evie rushes over to her mother that is calling her name. Evie and Evil Queen: And lots and lots of mirrors! Cruella: Oh, well, they're not taking my Carlos, because I'd miss him too much. Carlos: Really mom? Cruella: Yes. Who would touch up my roots, fluff my fur, and scrape the bunions off my feet? Cruella: Oh, Carlos, they have dogs in Auradon. Carlos: Oh, no! I'm not going! Jafar: Oh. Ooh a lamp. Jafar tries to rub the lamp to get it to work.

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Jay: Dad, I already tried. Jafar: Ah! Evil Queen: Evie's not going anywhere until we get rid of this unibrow, hmm? Evil Queen: Ow! Maleficent: Revenge on Aladdin and his bloated genie! Jafar: I will Jay: Papa! Maleficent: Revenge on every sneaky dalmatian that escaped your clutches. Evil Queen: Yes. Jafar: Yes? Maleficent: Our day has come, E.

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Evil Queen: Yeah gives the magic mirror to Evie. Evie: This is your magic mirror? Evie: Like a prince?

Mal and carlos dating wattpad

Evil Queen: No more like my waistline. Maleficent: Like the magic wand!

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Evil Queen: Hello. Evil Queen: Voila. Evil Queen: Like it was yesterday. Chapter 1: A Chance of a Lifetime 2. Chapter 2: Leaving the Isle 3.

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Chapter 3: Evie meets Prince Charming 4. Chapter 4: Nightmares 5. Chapter 5: First day of School 6.

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Chapter 6: Carlos faces his fears 7. Chapter 7: Jane's new look 8. Chapter 8: New Friends 9. Chapter 9: Back to School Party Chapter Night at the Cultural Museum Chapter First Tourney Game Chapter Social Media Chapter The Heartbroken Princess Chapter The Truth about my Past Chapter Once Upon A Date Chapter Chemistry Chapter Did I mention?

Chapter Evie's First Date Chapter Anxiety Attack The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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