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It was a sunny afternoon in Zootopia, a certin fox by the name of Nick he was browsing around in a jewelry shop. He had been browsing in the ring section for more than an hour trying to find a good sized ring. And some maybe wondering why he is looking for a ring, well tonight he is planning to propose to his Girlfriend Judy Hopps who he had been dating for a year and a half. He was taking her to the fanciest restrant in town, and he was hoping that she would say yes to his proposal. But so far he had, had no luck finding a ring that seemed to be the right one, until he was just about to leave when he spotted a ring on a small table near the display window. It was sitting in a small black box on a small display table, it had a silver band and it had 3 purple diamonds in the center of the band.

Zootopia Comic - Fight Between Nick and Judy

Movies Zootopia. Join Nick and Judy as they experience life together and maybe even get some romance. In The Shower As Nick turned on the hot water he felt the water begin to relax his muscles, he thought about putting on some music to sing along to.

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Back With Nick Nick had just gotten out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist and grabbed his phone and left for the bedroom. He then heard his home phone ring, so he rushed out to the counter where his phone sits, "Hello" said Nick. Nick looked nervous and started to sweat, "The are not mine I can assure you that, ha ha" nicked laughed nervously and saw the look on Judy's face, she wasn't taking that excuse for an anwser.

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As they pulled out of the drive-way Judy looked up at nick, "So where are we going" asked Judy her purple eyes looking couriously at Nick hoping for an answer to her questions. An Hour Later After eating and hearing some tunes Nick waved them off and they stopped playing, Judy looked up Nick who had is paw inside his suit Pants pocket. Chapter 1 2.

A Fall From Grace 3.

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Reunion 4. A Surprise 5.

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Just Another Day 6. Books,Boxes,and Gazelle 7. Running and The Burrows 8. Arrival 9.

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Band Practice and Hugs The Concert and The Proposal The Wedding and The Hill The Hot Tub Breakfast and A ReKindling Love Spas' and Heart Pains Laughing Sheep and Marriage Records The Gun Fight and Fox Burrow A Venture Into Fox Burrow Richard's Return New Beginnings Doctors And Rock Stars The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Ever since the Night Howler case, we've been bringing in all sorts of crooks.

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Ben Clawhauser had his mouth full of doughnuts when he heard that part and mumbled out, "Yeah, the jail has never been fuller, thanks to you two.

We'll be dressing up tonight, won't we? And we'll be partying with your favorite singer. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Judy sighed. My history with Mr.

Nick and judy dating fanfiction

Big, as you know, isn't a good one, but just as we were about to be iced, his daughter recognizes you for saving her and now you two are the best of friends. Two, in fact, because you always manage to get out of the worst scrapes. They kept flirting when Judy stopped at an apartment complex.

Jun 05,   Summary: Nick and Judy attempt their first date in a fancy restaurant. Too bad prejudice against predator/prey relationships is still strong in Zootopia. Grab a limited edition Scribbler t-shirt Author: Scribbler Productions. "Judy I have been meaning to ask you a question and I feel that right now is a good time to ask you" said Nick, Judy nodded and told him to continue "Judy Will You " (A/N hey guys it's Mastfic here with a Zootopia -, sorry for the cliff hanger I want to see the response on this story before I . "OH NICK I'M SO SORRY" Judy said as she got up from her seat and sat in his lap. Nick couldn't understand what was happening as Judy gave him a hug, a big strong hug. Nick liked seeing this side of Judy. Nick returned the hug and the both of them just sat there, in each others embrace. Judy silently was jumping for Joy.

Nick kissed her cheek before getting out and said, "Pick you up at seven? Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Zootopia.

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When accidents have been happening to the most famous singer in Zootopia, Chief Bogo sends in his best team to protect her. While on the case, Judy and Nick are trying to start dating but if their career is constantly getting in the way, will they even have one? So it seems my partner has had past romances in his lifetime" "It was a long time ago," he stated before he quickly started writing, but Judy wasn't letting him get off that easy.

She held her arm, rubbing it, as she confessed, "I'venever had a boyfriend or a first kiss" His eyes widened at this new information. Chief Bogo said, "Hopps, Wilde. My office, now. Is something wrong? Judy wasn't happy, either. I wonder how he is in bed. He's probably really dominant. Damn, that would be so hot. I could imagine him holding me down, his claws digging into my fur as he takes me. He'd be rough, really rough.

He'd bite down on my neck and pull my ears. And when he gets close he'd force his knot into me making me his as we both reach our climax. He's my partner! I can't be thinking of him like this!

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Suddenly it dawned on me that while I was lost in my fantasies about Nick I didn't notice my paw was now inside my panties doing some lewd things. Damn it body, don't betray me now! Rolling over again I pulled my paw away from my panties and wrapped my pillow around my face.

Looking at my alarm clock I saw it was almost two in the morning. This was gonna be a long night. My alarm clock went off like it did every morning as I rolled out of bed. Like most bunnies I'm usually energetic when I wake up but due to the lack of sleep I was feeling more exhausted than usual.

I took a shower, and ate my breakfast like normal until I heard a knock at the door. Since we've become partners Nick now picks me up in the morning and drives us to the station. Opening the door I found him hold his coffee and giving me that smug grin he always wears. Although as I looked over his uniform something happened.

The memories of last night started flooding my mind, fantasies of Nick began to occupy my mind as my face became a deep shade of red.

Just a little tired that's all. You know me. Always working late" I said nervously. Now come on we're gonna be late and I don't wanna get stuck with parking duty.

What started as Nick casually visiting Judy's apartment, quickly grew from holding each other's paws to tender kissing and caressing. Judy's small bed creaked and groaned under the weight of two animals as the two affectionately held one another. One night Judy Hopps discovers a predator dating app. This discovery changes everything for her when she can't help but have feeling for her partner Nick Wilde. NickXJudy fic. Nick lends a paw in the best way he knows how. Everyone's an endearing mess when there are hormones and biology and love involved. Rated: Fiction M - English - Friendship/Romance - Judy H., Nick W. - Chapters: 5 - Words: 20, - Reviews: 35 - Favs: - Follows: - ated: 11/19/ - Published: 10/4/ - id:

With that I grabbed my keys and phone as we rushed out the door. It was a long car ride, compared to most mornings.

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We didn't talk but I could feel him glancing over at me every time we stopped at a red light. He knew something was bothering me. I couldn't help but steal glances at him too, although every time I looked at him all I could do was picture him naked. Today was going to be a very long day. Our shift dragged on for what felt like an eternity.

There wasn't any big investigations going on today so we got stuck on patrolling the streets. A majority of our time was spent sitting at busy areas and making sure everyone was behaving nicely. Around lunch time we stopped at a little fast food place and Nick tried striking up a conversation.

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In an attempt to act like nothing was wrong I tried to follow along with the conversation but the entire time I was thinking about what his manhood might look and feel like. I felt a moist spot begin to form between my legs as he continued going on about some old prank him and Finnick pulled when they were kits. I just smiled and laughed a little when it felt right. My paw was fighting the urge to go between my legs. Our lunch couldn't go by any slower. Luckily for me it did come to an end and we had to get back to work.

The rest of our shift went by and I avoided all eye contact with Nick. When we got back to the station I was quick to run to the locker room using the excuse that I really wanted to change back into my civilian clothes. In the locker room I made sure I was alone before ripping off my pants and examining my now almost dripping panties.

Why was Nick making me so horny? Could it be I'm going into heat early? Oh that would just make this even worse. And how do I explain any of this to Nick, "Hey Nick, I want to you stick your fox cock down my rabbit hole", yeah that would go over real well as I'm brought into the HR department for sexual harassment. Damn it all. Why did it have to be him? Why is he the one that does this to me? I mean he was by no means unattractive, in fact he spends a lot of time in the gym now working out, but he's also my best friend and partner.

I can't risk what we have over my own lustful desires. But what if he feels the same way? That thought had not crossed my mind before.

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What if Nick has feelings for me too, and he's just never acted on them. Maybe I should see if he's willing to come over or something. Maybe I can I find out if he sees me as nothing more than a friend. Suddenly I heard the door to the locker room open as Nicole, a female cheetahs who worked in some of the more lethal cases came in.

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I quickly composed myself putting on a pair of jeans and a shirt as she walked toward her locker. He said you're taking forever to get changed" she said as she started getting her things out of her locker. I laughed at what she said and wished her a goodnight before leaving the locker room. Nick was standing standing there in a black button down shirt and a pair of brown shorts.

He's was browsing Furbook on his phone when I came up and nudges his arm to mess with him. We have the rest of the evening to ourselves so why wouldn't I be energetic? I was gonna ask someone if they wanted to do something tonight but I'm not sure if I should or not". We're off tomorrow too so we can can have like a sleep over if you want.

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With our plans in place, we stopped by my place. I quickly grabbed some pajamas, a set of clothes, and my toothbrush.

In fact, Judy couldn't even remember a time when she had heard Nick talk about dating at all. "I'm just looking out for our friend here," Nick retorted, his sly smile still on his face." I think all it would take to bring him back from the brink of emotional death would be one kiss." Nick's grin was becoming seriously annoying to the rabbit. While on the case, Judy and Nick are trying to start dating but if their career is constantly getting in the way, will they even have one? Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Mystery - [Judy H., Nick W.] Gazelle, OC - Chapters: 12 - Words: 24, - Reviews: - Favs: - Follows: - ated: 4/25/ - Published: 3/28/ - Status.

Although before I went out the door another thought grabbed my attention. I quickly grabbed my most sexy pair of bra and panties, just in case things went right this evening. Locking up apartment I ran back out to Nick's car. With my bag in the trunk we set off to Nick's apartment.

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