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The matchmaker finds a team for players who enter the Random Battle queue. In doing so, several requirements must be met: teams should be similar in class and tier, yet differ in ways so that the strategy of the battle varies. Another important factor is keeping the queue wait time as small as possible. When creating a battle, the matchmaker first looks to place eligible large Platoons players , followed by artillery and then light tanks with scout matchmaking. After this criterion is met, other players are selected to fill the remaining positions, keeping the team's weight balanced as closely as possible. If the matchmaker struggles to meet the requirements for an eligible match, it eases up on the rules to avoid players spending too much time in the queue. However, the matchmaker never breaks the minimum balance requirements.

There is a downside. However, if you are playing with an LTTB, moving towards your opponent in a serpentine fashion increases your chance of getting pretty troll ricochets.

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Go around the map;, zooming left to right and center. The idea with the LTTB is you spot the enemy tanks, relocate, spot, relocate, etc. Providing information on the enemy team movement is crucial in order to win a game of World of Tanks. As a loving LTTB player, I encourage you to cause as much chaos on the battlefield for the enemy as possible. Try and have a presence everywhere on the map; your team will appreciate the pressure it provides. Opinionated though it might sound, I honestly think this has one of the best guns in the game.

The sides of the hull however, have stripes of spaced armor, which means that HE is close to ineffective against shells that land there. The exceptional mobility, traverse, and control you have when moving this vehicle is excellent.

The BEST Tank Tier for Tier in World of Tanks?

It gives this tank an easy time to relocate when reloading and deal with another burst of damage. Whether you want to be the jack of all trades like the TE5 or the chaos thriving LTTB, World of tanks offers every type of playstyle imaginable. Dim the lights.

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Utilizing the rear-mounted turret of the T1 does help avoid a lot of fire tier 1 brawl. Get behind some terrain and rotate your tank so that the back of your hull is closest to your opponent.

Now reverse, fire your shells, go forwards, repeat. The T1 has some of the worst armor in its tier, so you need to make sure that you avoid long close-quarters combat, Ii can assure you it only ends one way.

Jan 30, Tier 5 Plays to Tier 6 - SUI (30Silver, 40XP Bonus) France PMM Tanks: Tier 8 Plays to Tier 9 - FCM 50 t Liberte (45Silver, 15XP Bonus) Tier 8 Plays to Tier 9 - FCM 50 t (45Silver, 15XP Bonus) Japan PMM Tanks: Tier 2 Plays to Tier 3 - Ashigaru Te-Ke (30Silver, 70XP Bonus) Tier 5 Plays to Tier 6 - Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai (50Silver. The MM tries to make people top tier, for the most part, but has to work with the tanks it has, so if there are a ton of Tier 5 and 6 tanks in queue you're more likely to not be top tier as a tier 4. The problem here is that most people don't play tier 4 for fun and 5 and 6 are where the grind gets longer, so in practice Tier 4s are probably.

This means that you should have five bullets for the next fight you get into, increasing your damage output significantly. Tier 2: Best Tank: Pz.

Jul 13, As others have said, that is WOT PC and tier 5 has been significantly changed. I've only played one battle in tier 5 since ate , but I'll humor you with my thoughts on favorite tier 5 tanks, prior to Heavy: T1 Heavy and it's not even close. IMO, the mobility and ramming power make it so much more fun and deadly than the KV Some variance can occur in the 5/10 and 3/5/7 templates. There will never be more top tier tanks than middle or bottom tier tanks. The current matchmaker allows a maximum of five Light Tanks and three SPGs on one team. The classes within tiers are mirrored as best the matchmaker can achieve without sacrificing queue times. The matchmaker permits only same-tier Platoons into Random Battles. The difference in the number of Platoon players between the two teams should be three at the most. Vehicle types. The difference in the number of artillery, light tanks and tank destroyers within .

II Germany Why The Tank is the Best for Tier 2: One of the best features of this tier 2 tank is that it shows off the highest penetrating auto-cannon in its tier. This gun is very forgiving, supported by its low reload timer and relatively good accuracy. For its good gun and good armor, the speed of this panzer is good for its tier. How to Play The Pz. II Effectively: This tank makes use of a good close-ranged autocannon, that can lose a lot of armor penetration in long distances, so ensure that you are getting up close and personal to your opponents.

World of Tanks matchmaking now follows a template-based algorithm. This means that the matchmaking system will try to fit players into a 3/5/7 matchmaking template, with a 2 tier difference for each level. Ideally, the matchmaking system will create teams with only three tanks at top tier, five at mid-tier, and seven at the Larryn Bell. The weakest opponents we encounter in this way will be medium 5 tier tanks (KV-1, Pzkpwf IV) and the strongest - 9 tier tanks (E or IS-8). Problem appears when we want to play with friend in a weak tank: in this case battle tier of our platoon will be the same as the highest battle tier within grouped tanks. World of Tanks - Best Artillery for Every Tier Artillery, Self - propelled guns (SPG), Arties, Dirty Clickers, are just some of the names for this category of vehicles. Their main purpose is to support the team indirectly throughout the fire, normally from a big distance.

As you go up in tiers angling, your armor is necessary to ricochet enemy fire. You have an insanely high DPM Damage per Minute with this tank, and you are one of the most important people in a team fight.

Instead of taking long routes to try and flank your opponents, try and play the game towards the action. Tier 3: Best Tank: Cruiser Mk. How to Play The Cruiser Mk. IV Effectively: When someone offers you a gift, it's a courtesy to take it and use it. Get to a hill and use the fantastic gun depression on this tank, which will save you from overexposing yourself.

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This Cruiser has its downsides, however, mainly being the incredibly weak side armor. Try your best to always cover your sides with either buildings or natural terrain. This tank does not offer the best traverse speed, so always position your tank in a place where you can escape without having to turn your tank a great amount.

Side scraping involves reversing at and angle so you can shoot the enemy, whilst the enemy can only shoot your tracks or the well armored turret, which helps negate a lot of possible damage. The KV-1 has very slow hull and turret traverse speeds. Ensure that you position in an area protected from all sides to protect yourself from enemy light and medium tanks getting in behind you, attacking your weak back armor.

Whilst side scraping is an option, if you are in an area that is exposed to artillery fire, you might simply want to poke out and shoot to reduce the chance of getting hit.

If this situation arises, always angle your hull so that the effective armor of the KV-1 increases. Its top gun has excellent aim time, reload and pure damage in this tier. It has some of the best camouflage values in its tier, which helps it act as one of the most efficient snipers from tiers Unlike many tank destroyers, this tank has an incredibly speedy top speed, meaning that this is one of the few tank destroyers in the game that can rapidly move from position to position without being clunky.

How to Play The Hellcat Effectively: Paper-thin armor, slow hull and turret traverse speed, this tank is exclusively designed for sniping. The best way to utilize the Hellcat is to find a location on the map with a bush for cover, and plug big fat holes in the sides of heavy tanks that are too slow to chase you.

The gun has excellent penetration values, that matches that of one or two tiers above. You can at times act as bait, just because of how easy it is to penetrate your armor.

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Get spotted by the enemy team to a certain location so that they follow you. Well have no fear the T29 is here.

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This tank can play hull-down better than any other tank its tier. This means that by fighting on a hill, you only expose your turret armor, which in the case of the T29, is completely Naturally not everything in the world of tanks is hilly, so sidescraping with the T29 is completely viable to do, since the side armor and large tracks help negate a lot of the damage coming your way. Brawling is essential to do with the T In the scenario where you are against higher tiered tanks however, the T29 can equally act as a good sniper.

Alone, the tank struggles to succeed in tier 9 and ten, where tanks will shred you apart due to a lack of armor.

This tank also offers good gun depression, so sniping from hillsides is important to effectively use the tank. Side scraping with the help of the spaced armor is a much safer option than jumping out into the enemy.

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You should fire your first shot into the enemy's tracks to immobilize them, and then fire the rest of the load right into the sides of enemy tanks. Armored hull, armored turret, and even the lower plate of the hull is well shielded.

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This tank has great armor, yes, but it is a very versatile tank, and can practically act as a sniper, frontline, flanker, and brawler. Look at your team composition. If you think your team is lacking in a specific field, take it up and help balance out the team.

Wot best tier 5 matchmaking

More on this topic: World of Tanks. Forever chasing those memories of wonder and puzzlement is what drives me to play today.

Gamer Since: T1 Cunningham Make a surprise attack with the fastest Tier 1 tank around! Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Their main purpose is to support the team indirectly throughout the fire, normally from a big distance. Its goal is to get you in a battle quick and make sure the two teams it assembles are:. To do so the system analyzes vehicles in the queue and chooses one out of a set of templates; server-side algorithms with team makeups that define the tier spread and vehicle distribution at the top, middle and bottom of the list.

The variant you land depends on the queue composition, but whichever you get, there will be no battles where vehicles in the middle are outnumbered by those at the top. This way, the matchmaker ensures that regardless of your position on the list, there are always enough players in the same position on your team to have a real chance in battle.

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In this case, you can get a two-level or single-level battle. However, if it sees that this will have you waiting for quite a while, it will match you into a battle with a suitable tier split.

Step 1. Defining the battle tier spread and game mode. First, the matchmaker defines the number of tankers and Platoons suitable for each battle tier and game mode.

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It analyzes the modes each player flagged for a battle session, vehicles they chose for a battle, their tier and whether they follow regular or special matchmaking rules. Step 2. Creating two evenly assembled teams. Having defined the battle tier spread and battle mode, the system tries to match players in teams based on team balance requirements and limitations:.

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The latter are considered to create separate battles for newcomers. If you joined us for the 9. The matchmaker will try to place arty in the middle or at the bottom of the list.

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Even if it chooses to assemble a team with arty at the top just to prevent you from queueing too long, it will ensure the other team has an SPG at the top, too. Step 3. Choosing a map. As soon as the matchmaker finds a template that fulfills all requirements, it assembles two teams according to it, chooses a map and creates a battle.

Maps for tier battles are chosen randomly from a pool of locations available for lower-tier engagements. In other cases, the matchmaker creates a selection of maps suitable for the game mode and the battle tier spread the two teams have.

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