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One of the things I talked about was finding a women who wanted children and as good with children. The simple fact is that if you are to be a patriarch, finding a wife who wants a full quiver is essential. Like most men, I do most of the primary messaging, but I do get a small amount of messages about one every month or two from women who I did not contact beforehand. The women who send me unsolicited messages always came in one of two categories:. Anyhow, moving away from my digressions, the second group is what I am going to write about today.

When I tried local online dating I discovered that the services were either scams or the women on these sites consisted of warthogs, single mommies, stuck up misandrist sluts, golddiggers, and the titular baby rabies infected.

Most of my friends have girlfriends or wives from foreign dating and I too have had relationships from such. Tim: I probably do spend too much thinking not doing. At this point, if I want to meet a decent amount of girls its either hit on random girls I come across while walking down the street or church hop simply to find more girls.

Neither appeals to me. Good advice; I think men should not be ashamed of having high standards for a spouse.

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Locking her down at 21 can make the red pill angles more about maintaining the excitement and freshness than keeping the overall relationship alive. Hey brother. Thats kinda crazy to me but whatever suits you. True that a woman past 35 has more risks, but that in no way means a woman is not fertile, healthy, or eligible. Thats ridiculous and just false. In high school, girls meet hormonal teenage boys who are in no way mature.

Why would you choose a husband at such a young age when even the girls themselves are minors? And in college, you have a casual sex culture in which the most social people are not looking for commitment.

Its hard to find a partner in that environment - especially one to marry! And girls and boys are mostly not very mature at this stage either-so how can you pick and choose your mate. As for smart, how smart is choosing to have a career when it is unlikely to lead to any actual material advantage. Other men looking for a more modern marriage can choose her. If she wants to do something with her BA, then she is not wanting a traditional marriage and family arrangement, in which case a traditional man should avoid her and vice versa.

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College nowadays, at least non-STEM, is a mostly useless activity that is engaged in only to feed the greed of certain elites. Most people should not go to college.

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But I was the abject fool you described, and married a disloyal woman in her 30s who had baby rabies. Stumbled on this searching for baby rabies because I have it. From my experience my early twenties were a time of emotional turmoil and crippling shyness. I had three men express an interest four if you count my husband and I think I could have made any of them work.

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But I was terrified, not of the end result but the day to day social interaction required to get there and honestly of sexuality. And my point is, this was a temporary state of affairs.

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By my mid twenties it had diminished enough to take a chance on my husband. I too am very late to this thread, but everything in the advice to the young men is as relevant today as it was the day it was written. Men are not men anymore, and men are not giving their sons this vital information.

I myself chose very poorly when it came to the wife and mother of my kids. She loves the kids very much, as do I.

But, we are divorced and the costs of this are not only financially massive which the kids ultimately pay for but there are other costs as well also which the kids ultimately pay for.

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Choosing a wife is indeed a big deal. But, even if she turns out to be a miserable wretch or a crazy person, she can be divorced. Choosing a mother for your kids is another matter. He has to ignore old feelings and any jealousy or resentment when new lovers or spouses come around.

Are her parents divorced? Is the family religious?

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Or is the family segregated with everyone doing their own thing? Is there a sense of a greater family unit, with grand-parents at the helm? Does the family meet and celebrate together? Stay in touch? How does she react when a girl-friend announces she is getting divorced?

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Or thinking about divorce? How does she speak of her parents marriage? How does she speak about men? Is she angry at her father? Is she angry at men? The reason I say this is that my own believe is that too many young women these days are raised with the following notion of marriage:. Then all bets are off. Remember the divorce stats. Yes, sometimes men are - but this should not be the accepted default reason.

Baby rabies dating

Yes, we men most certainly do it wrong. We pick the wrong women for the wrong reasons. Even then, it can fail. Choosing a wife and future mother of your children should be a very very serious decision.

For some men, me included, we put more thought into the features we will have in our next car.

The baby rabies is real y'all. RANT (? )?? ??? Advice Wanted. TW: miscarriage mentioned. So if you've read some of my other posts you know my mom lost her shit when she found out I was pregnant and that unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. baby rabies (n) the name given to the lapse of sanity in which a person feels that s/he absolutely MUST have a baby in the very near future, and will often go to great lengths to get pregnant and will bitch constantly about wanting a baby in the meantime. Usually happens in women, but men get it occasionally, as well. Crazy person: "Oh my GOD! Baby rabies!? confession I've only been dating my boyfriend for 8 months and, yeah, it's going well and I definitely see him as a long term partner and someone who is willing and able to be a wonderful father to my two kids. He would be very happy to have another baby, as he'd always wanted more than the one kid he has and gets.

And the cost for this stupidity is immeasurable. Exception: She is offering very easy sex, in which case he might be tempted into entertaining thoughts of carnal sin.

I gave birth to my first baby on March 17, It was nearly the exact moment the US began to shut down because of the COVID pandemic. My pregnancy. FMIL and potential baby rabies, plus her posting 4 week old DD online without permission. Advice Needed. However, when we first started dating he told FDH that if he got me pregnant he'd kick him out. Which is why he waited so long to tell them. Although FMIL amd FFIL have been separated for over a . Under piles of files, I found a notebook dating back to , the year we hired our very first baby sitter for our first baby. Within it's weathered and aged cover were 2 full pages of notes I left the babysitter that first night we parted from our baby, leaving him in the care of, essentially, a total stranger.

She is in her lates or earlys ie. Do not mistake the two. The most obvious and easiest to observe answer is age. But be cautious, use your judgment.

What of her education and career? She did find a good man, she rejected him. If she has not married one of them that shows that she either: Puts a low priority on marriage and children, in which case she is not what a patriarch is looking for. Has far too unrealistic standards of her husband. She has been open to many suitors and either dated a large number of them or simply had one or two long-term relationships that went nowhere.

In this case, she has shown that she has a history of poor choices regarding the type of men she has allowed into her life. These poor choices shows that she has poor judgment in men, which likely means poor judgment in other areas of life.

Poor judgment is not something any patriarch should want to attach themselves to.

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Either that or see 3;they were of sufficient quality, she just had unrealistic standards. Other things you can look for two distinguish between the two: Desperation: A traditional women will be looking for a husband, but in a calm, sensible manner. A women with baby rabies will have a tinge of desperation to her. Singular Focus: Is she focusing on the marriage, you, and children more or less equally, or does her primary focus seem to be having children, while marriage and her potential partner seem secondary?

Preparedness: Has she prepared herself to be a good wife and mother see previous link or does she seem to just be acting impulsively?

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Timing: Has she always wanted to be a mother, or is this something that just recently appeared for no good reason? Number: Does she want just one designer baby to fulfill her itch or is she looking to raise a whole family? Why, yes I am.

Thank you for noticing. Get used to it. If having a family is important to you, make choices that reflect their importance. CS: Yes, I do not want an independent women, as typically defined. November 19, December 19, October 1, August 22, August 13, September 4, Under piles of files, I found a notebook dating back tothe year we hired our very first baby sitter for our first baby.

Oh, it was even more condescending and ludicrous than I remembered. Okay, spill it. Tell me what you left in your notes for the babysitter the first time you left your first baby with one. Bonus points for anyone who also left written instructions to turn out the light and LEAVE the room in order for the baby to fall asleep.

The first time I left my 17 month old it was with my mom. I still left a page of notes. The best part, my then almost 12 month old had the notes almost completely eaten by the time I was out the door.

She was destroying all evidence.

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We left 4 pages for my extremely competent Mother and Father-in-law. Granted there was a tricky medicine routine and extensive like hour long what were we thinking?!?! Baby 2 came along and we handed him over without much instruction at all. So my daughter is only 6 months and I have never left her more than an hour or so. However I thought it was funny and worth mentioning that the first time I ever left my dog I wrote a 4 page letter with detailed instructions.

Lol I also mentioned his favorite toys and that it was very important that he was able to sleep in bed with my friend who was caring for him overnight.


I asked for pictures to be texted often and obviously left emergency numbers. My mother in law raised 7 children and once ran her own in home daycare. Needless to say, the schedule was later found crumpled I n the baby bag.

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Fast forward to my second daughter. Feed her.

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I think I packed a bottle. Instead I have verbal diarrhea of the mouth and spew instructions for twenty minutes as I walk around the house, because that is so much easier for people to remember right?

Nov 10, A women in her late-teens/earlys who is desiring a husband and large family is very unlikely to be in the baby rabies stage; assuming she meets the other requirements you should have for the mother of your future children. Baby rabies story. Once I was dating a strong independent woman who has a STEM masters degree. She worked hard to get it but her goal was to be a baby factory house wife. One day she pointed to her stomach and said in little girls voice "I want a baby in my tummy". Notice she didn't say she wanted my baby, she wanted a baby and a beta slave to pay her way.

When I leave my baby my first and only right now with my mom, the instructions are usually as follows: Feed her dinner.

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