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When there are two people in a couple of the same sign, there can be difficulties. They do understand each other, but there is no balance. This means that the nature of the sign, whatever it is, is intensified. Whether or not it will be a good zodiac match depends on the nature of the sign involved. In the case of a Leo man and Leo woman, there are a number of problems involved. They can understand and relate to each other, but they both want to be the star.

Some Leo women can be quite kinky and like the play of seduction, feathers and blindfolds. Make sure she would be up for this kind of thing before you try it, though.

Aug 04,   8 Things to Remember When Dating a Leo Woman 1. Be open. Are you an open person by nature? If yes then it'll be a great advantage for your relationship with a Leo 2. Don't be a homebody. Most Leo women are not couch potatoes. They like parties, entertainment and outdoor activities. 3. Praise her. Author: Jennifer Houston. DATING A LEO WOMAN - WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW! If you're dating a Leo woman, think big! Welcome to the most dazzling, the most majestic, and the most regal of all the Star Signs - the woman who most wants to be boss, least wants to play second fiddle . Feb 20,   A Leo man and Leo woman will have a difficult time when it comes to forming a relationship. Because they both want the spotlight, neither of them will defer to the other. If they want to be together, it will be important for them to work out ways that each can reign in Author: Cynthia Thinnes.

Make sure you value family as much as she does. A Leo's family is her pride and her life, so expect your Leo girlfriend to cry buckets during family weddings and reunions and gaze at family photos with longing. Leos adore large numbers; think of the lioness and her cubs. Even if you're not ready to have children of your own yet, you should be family-oriented and excited to spend time with your family or hers.

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This is very important to Leo ladies, so you should feel the same way for best results. If she starts talking about having kids with you, take the time to listen to her seriously instead of brushing her off. Be willing to compromise. Leos can be self-indulgent, stubborn, and prone to sulking if they don't get their own way. This doesn't mean that you have to give in to her every time, but that you should be prepared to have a conversation if you two can't reach an agreement.

If you're the kind of person who always has to get his way, then you and your Leo lady may not make it in the long term. You should be equipped with a person who can be stubborn and set on what she wants. Leo ladies do not like to be met with opposition. You can disagree with her if it's necessary, but make sure you state things as kindly and gingerly as possible, or her temper will flare up.

Keep the fire alive. There's no such thing as a calm night in when it comes to dating a Leo. Your relationship will be fiery, exciting, ubullbreedadvisoryservice.comedictable, and always new and intriguing. You have to get ready to be spontaneous, to keep your Leo on her toes, to create new things to do together, such as unplanned road trips or dips in the ocean in the middle of the night.

Dating a Leo woman She is an excellent housewife, great wife and wonderful mother. She gives out a lot of warmth for people around her, and doesn't ask for anything in return. Leo women are joyful and they seem to know how to live life to the Betty Crawford. Dating A Leo Woman: Overview. Being interested in the Leo woman is no surprise because she is a charmer! Beautiful, smart and funny she has a dynamic personality that draws attention wherever she goes. If you want to date a Leo woman, be ready for a fast and furious ride because that's the only way she rolls. Here are a few dating astrology tips and tricks that will make your love compatibility in Author: Donna Roberts. The Leo female is a wonder to behold, but don't steal her limelight. Find out what it's like to date a Leo woman. A loud, bubbly extrovert, you'll often hear the Leo female before you see her. 23 July - 22 August.

Sure, you'll have some fights, but you'll make up in impressive fashion. If you're up for the challenge, then your relationship with a Leo woman will never cease to amaze you.

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If you're the kind of guy whose ideal date is ordering in food and watching TV, then the Leo woman may not be for you. Sure, you can have a calm night in once in a while, but you have to work on keeping things interesting. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Her Virgo rising means she shows herself to the public in a soft, creative, timid manner and since she holds a Pisces moon - she may be extremely sensitive and reluctant.

Her Leo-ness may seep out for her love of looking presentable, need for excitement and yearning for your attention or a quick temper and a smile, two moments later, or her stubbornness.


Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. Remember that this is only her sun sign the sun sign describes the particular way that you're vital or powerful in life. To get an accurate personality description, you should find her Rising Sign and Moon sign. Her moon sign is how she handles herself emotionally deep inside, and her Rising sign is the social mask, she wears in public.

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This should not be confused with her Sun sign. They are very different. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0.

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Leo women demand respect from her mate. She won't hesitate to hit the door when trust is damaged or in question. She's very proud, so getting it back will be tough.

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Leo women enjoy a mate who can lure them to reveal their inner sensitive sides which they keep hidden for defense. Reserved Leo women are very secretive and guarded about their emotions. It takes a while to gain trust. Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0.

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Leo women may come off as a femme fatale, but that's because she chooses to be seen that way. It's a defense mechanism. She may like to play and provoke, but she's almost never sneaky or deceptive.

Libra and Leo - The Leo woman is captivated by the charming Libra. He will appear very fun and outgoing but underneath he wants true love so he is deliberate with his affection. The Leo woman will grow shy as realizes her likings for his affection. The Libra male will be enchanted by her contrasting personality and use his aggression to coax her into a romance. The Leo woman will be in awe of his aggression and let him take his place as the easygoing leader.

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The two are extremely fond of romantic gestures and the gifts and expressions of love will; flow freely like water. The Libra's "adventurous" sexual aura will be new to Leo. Leo and Gemini will get along like a house on fire. Both have their childish ways and a playful and fun-loving side which will be appreciated. They will have a strong sexual attraction for each other, right from the outset. They will be both attracted and repelled by each other, a rather strange combination. Both are social creatures and love to entertain and also attend parties together.

Sex will be a generous and happy event; the couple will especially enjoy sensual body massages. Aries and Leo - are also natural fire sign companions, but on a more casual level. As the two move into a serious relationship, they should be aware of the needs for others affection. Both love to be on the go always and this works perfectly well on both sides.

Both are passionate and will enjoy making love. When both join hands to complete a common project, it will be very successful. Sagittarius and Leo - fire sign, both signs are very open-minded, and Leo will find he does not ever push for compromise. Spontaneity, laughter, adventure, and passion are all in store for this pair. A match will almost always start as a very alluring friendship.

Not all Leo women are materialistic and vain as to be believed. Some Leo women prefer simple heart felt dates, gifts and notions. As famous Leo women Jlo said our love don't cost a thing.

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Also, some Leo women enjoy old school romance and gender roles. That said, do not actively 'cheap out' on a date or a gift.

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Leos hate being short-changed, and are only second to Capricorn when it comes to their insistence on quality. Related wikiHows. Expert Interview.

Dating a leo woman

About This Article. Jessica Lanyadoo. Co-authors: ated: June 22, Categories: Astrology Relationships. Article Summary X The key to dating a Leo woman is embracing her passion and intensity.

Apr 30,   When dating a Leo, you'll feel more optimistic and also more energized. The only thing that you'll have to do in order to keep her happy is to let her be the center of attention. Flamboyant, the Leo woman lives intensely and has a noble heart. She is giving and committed, and that's why she is so very popular among friends.

Italiano: Frequentare una Donna del Leone. Bahasa Indonesia: Mengencani Wanita Leo. Nederlands: Een relatie met een Leeuw vrouw beginnen. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been rea times.

Reader Success Stories. IB Ingo Berg Feb 6, We get on very well, and a lot of the traits mentioned here have already manifested. She is truly a special, unique lady. Warm-hearted, generous, great sense of humor, and above all, very loving.

We both speak the same love language, and am looking forward to experiencing her uninhibited attention and am the right one to return the same. TN Tracey Nichols Oct 28, I am trying ways to save my marriage and I read my husband's sign to try to get to know him better. I read mine as well to share with him. After reading several sites, I have chosen your site to share because it is on point.

Thank you kindly. Only when she is deeply in love will she become this mellow, warm lioness, providing soul food for her partner and their family. When she knows what she wants, there is no way to change her mind.

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You simply know if she loves you or not. When you climb high enough on her priority list, the truth will come as natural as day and night. It is important to understand that all Leo representatives are here to shine a light on things and make them clearer, not blur them or taint them with lies and deception.

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This is a woman that will want to be treated well. You could say she is high maintenance, but this really depends on her background and the way she was raised.

She wants to be able to shine, to show herself with her new partner to the world. She wants to dance and spread the smell of joy, smiling and simply being happy.

She needs to feel the joy of life and forget about things that make her tired and sad at her workplace, or anywhere else. Dating her can be challenging because she has enough energy to move mountains, expects the same from her chosen one, and demands that her partner takes care of their appearance all the time.

The problem in understanding this woman comes from her fiery nature and her inability to keep her mouth shut and think things through. But does she really have to? She is someone with a great smile, the inner sense of Self, a big heart and the ability to make anything happen. She can be destructive, impose her opinions and make decisions that are not hers to make. There are two main types of Leo women.

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She quickly becomes emotionally connected with her significant other and it seems that you know each other for ages already, when in fact you have been dating for a few days only.

Most Leo women are not couch potatoes. They like parties, entertainment and outdoor activities. They enjoy traveling and do it frequently. Leo women avoid men who spend a lot of time watching TV because this boring activity is not for them.

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Leo women just adore to be appreciated, especially by their partners. If you want to make her happy, compliment and praise her as often as possible. She always knows what you do and wants you to work on a relationship as much as possible. Leo women appreciate time and have trouble doing things that they consider useless, which is why they never let their partners relax.

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