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White-sand beaches, beautiful flowers, exotic fruits, and friendly locals are just a tiny part of this amazing country and its culture. Indonesia is absolutely worth visiting, not least because it will surprise you a lot. This is a very special country with ancient traditions, fantastic nature, and thousands of hot Indonesian women for marriage. Tourists usually come to visit Bali, but we want to offer you another type of journey. We are going to analyze their characteristics, values, and lifestyle to understand them better.

If you are serious about your future girlfriend, marriage, and family, you might be interested to know a few things about dating Indonesian women and the local wedding traditions. If you want to marry a girl in Indonesia, you need to know a few facts about the wedding ceremony in this country. Others submit a special application to Civil Registration. Foreigners who want to marry Indonesian singles, in turn, are required to do pre-ceremony photo sessions and hold special receptions.

As mentioned above, Indonesia is a Muslim country.

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Of course, premarital sex is not a normal thing there. It is considered that girls should not be involved in an intimate relationship before marriage, but we cannot say that this never happens.

The partners are trying to hide the fact that they are really close, but this also does not mean that you can expect your Indonesian girlfriend to be very passionate before you know each other better. In general, there are only two ways to meet Indonesian singles. You can move to Indonesia or search for your future bride on the web.

Both of these options are great. Indonesia is a wonderful country with beautiful nature, rich traditions, and friendliest people ever, so if you have an opportunity to move there, you should not miss this chance. The second option, in turn, is the best one for those who cannot leave their homeland and want to save some money.

Where to find Indonesian women on the web? Of course, on dating sites. A lot of guys are dreaming of dating Indonesian women. Today it is possible, no matter where you come from. Indonesia is a unique country - it is like a bridge between ancient Asian traditions and Western country.

Such a mix is just fantastic, so if you are single and ready to settle down, do not miss your chance to meet a gorgeous Indonesian girl! This website uses cookies Read more. Indonesian Mail Order Brides. Brides by Country. Best Dating Sites.

Simply dating a muslim indonesian girl are

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Like most of the reliable dating sites, it is not free, but the billing policy is very reasonable. Table of content. A foreign man - A hot man! Islam has its rules Standards of living in Indonesia What to expect from Indonesian women for marriage? What do these girls look like? Submissive or progressive?

I'm an educated woman. I'm open minded woman and I've graduated my school. I'm just an ordinary woman with a good heart with great attitude.

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I like cooking and reading. I'm a family woman and very close with my parents and sis and bro. I am easy-going, loving, caring and tender person.

People describe as the one who has a big loving heart to share with everyone. I like to make others smile and happy because it makes me feel wonderful. I am always optimistic about my life and love to explore everything new. Family and friends mean much to me because I consider myself to be family oriented and devoted to close people.

Interests: I usually spend my time with friends and family. I go in for sports because it is important for me to keep myself in shape as well as in good health. As any woman, I enjoy cooking and it is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Rizqi Standard Member. A nice and kind girl is looking to settle down wit Well organized, I hate liars, false hope, broken promises. Myself, I love to cook, swimming, to be at the beach for surfing or just laying down and relaxing. I love adventure.

Take me to any places I never been, I'd like it. Especially nature. I like to try new things like going to places I've never been before, or try new recipes, etc. I love to be actively outdoor or if not out, I can just stay home watching tv or listening to music whilst reading a book. Shinta Standard Member. Check my profile before you say Hi! Career girl who's currently living in Jakarta.

Working in a foreign digital marketing company.

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I dont really know my body measurements, so let's get to know each other! S: If you want me to read your msg, please upgrade your membership. Cos i wont do it.

A girl who have a lot of dreams to travel every part of Indonesia and every part of this world. A girl that still study at university, take bachelor degree of catering industri management and want to continue to master degree abroad. A bit cranky girl who was want to be a chef but maybe right now changing of her decision cause i confused. IndonesianCupid is a leading Indonesian dating site connecting local and international singles worldwide. Whether you're an Indonesian woman looking for love; or you're interested in finding a beautiful girl from the heart of Indonesia - find the one for you in a fun and secure environment on IndonesianCupid. Aug 21,   Religion is the main reason that Indonesian Muslim women seldom commit to long-term relationships with Chinese men. Chinese-Indonesians are .

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A thinker and observer of surroundings.

Hi, I'm 25 years old, Indonesian citizen. Currently I'm working in Jakarta, The capital city of Indonesia in one of Goverment's Bank. I am sunni muslim. A woman with dream and passion to fulfill mylife, honest, modest, family oriented, and obedient to Allah. We should emphasize that you can marry a Muslim girl only if you convert to Islam, but it does not scare beautiful Indonesian women. They know that a Western man will hardly look for a second wife. Standards of living in Indonesia The second reason is economic conditions. It was about until 30 years ago. It was allowed by the law back then, because you can marry in civil registration office without reporting to religion authority. Then the law was changed. All muslims had to report their marriage to the religion au.

May seem quite at first, but that's coz you don't know me yet and once you do. Ika Standard Member. Looking for serious relationship! I am loving, caring person, have sence of humor, honest. When I have free time I like reading, go the gym sometimes relaxing watching or just listening to the music.

I am here to find someone for a serious relationship, so if you think you are looking for the same thing, message me.

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Rani Standard Member. Allah with me til i'am die!

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I am the mother of a 9-year-old girl. I am very romantic and loving, I crave a mature man who can complement our small family. I really want a healthy family life, time with family, cooking, gardening and zumba is my hobby. If you are a mature man who has a hobby that I am Good luck everyone to look for your happines.

Ratna Standard Member. Love will find a way. Hi, my name Ratna, Im simple person, honest, loyal and full of lovely. My hobby is travell in my country or overseas, read book, write poetry, like sport too. I have do my job in company belong of government in Indonesia as asistant manager. Divorced 7 years ago, 2 kids live with me.

Just got my bachelor of psychology, love children, concern in special needs children and unlucky children. Romantic girl. I know how to take care of my boyfriend/husband, funny, full of humour, care, open minded, a good manager at home, prefer to save money for future, always try to be a good mom and wife, talkative, good listener, i had some experiences to take care a baby or years old. Christian dating an Indonesian Muslim Girl, the best approach to convert her? Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 1 0. I met this Muslim girl a few days ago while staying in a hostel. She is from Indonesia and a really cool girl, we got on really well from the first moment. A good Muslim girl will dress properly and cover her hair to show. Apr 20,   A lot of people in the Muslim community don't like to use words like 'girlfriend,' 'boyfriend,' or 'dating.' They prefer to use things like 'understanding,' or 'growing together,' " she says.

But sorry my english is not goo my friend helps me to make this profile. I am sorry that sometimes I am bit late to reply your. I am looking for a true friend, ignoring race, rel My name is sari. I am an Indonesian homey girl. My daily activities are working, go home, reading books, reading quran and learning languages. Now I learn Japanese and turkish. My interest is travelling. Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

Dating a muslim indonesian girl

And as far as converting her goes I don't think that will work out to well because, what if she is thinking the same about you what if she is just waiting for you to accept Islam so you can be together. And with her family being Muslim I think they would have a serious problem with accepting you seeing as Muslim women aren't allow to marry outside of their faith. Me personally I don't date outside of me faith. Nonik Xper 5.

I don't think you should dating her. If she's not being a good Muslim then how she'll be a good Christian? You can't guarantee it. Maybe she'll convert to Christian but if she didn't mean it then I think she'll be a good wife for you.

And it's not an exception even if you're married. Instead you'll just add another problem in your life.

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Don't pour fuel into the flame. Life is hard; don't make it more complicated. If you want to be with a Christian, then find someone who's already Christian.

I do not understand why anyone would enter into a relationship with someone of a different faith and then try to convert them. If her religion is a problem for you then don't date her! I'm a Christian myself and I would never date a Muslim mainly because I know it wouldn't work, I have no desire to convert other people and I would be pissed if someone tried to convert me.

I mean, the answer here is simple, you want to be with a Christian so leave this girl alone and find a Christian. The idea that Christianity is infinitely superior is retarded. Have you read your bible recently? There's a lot of fucked up shit in there. I think you should just Don't attempt to convert her.

If you can't date someone with the future being unclear, then don't date her. Your role in her life is not to point out the flaws in her religion or to alter the way she practices her religion. Show All Show Less. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. A, there's flaws in all religions, Christianity being one of them.

B, no religion is 'true', or more true, than the other. C, degrading the faith n believes of your girlfriend would likely earn u a slap in the face and her breaking up with you. D, you don't want complications and therefore your girlfriend should make the sacrifice?

Why don't you convert? You selfish masogynist, I hope she goes to gag too and read about this.

Wow, dude. Do her a favor and break up. Oh this is what you have to now, Basically dating or courtship is not allowed in Islam because it can lead to a haram relationship like kissing and having sex.

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I'm frank to say your Knowledge about Islam is pretty good, all what you said above were correct. Here is what I have for you, a good and pious Muslim girl will never go to a bar dancing with guy let alone kiss him since it was a sin.

A good Muslim girl will dress properly and cover her hair to show her dignity and to be recognized that she is a Muslim. Well I always believe that soulmate is just like our reflections so if you ever wonder how your future spouse would be like, just look at yourself.

Just remember if you want a good woman as your wife, don't ever think to find her at a night club. I don't see why she would have to convert. Like, at all?

From Indonesia to the Netherlands

I'm a Christian wearing a cotton blend and that's bad according to the bible. We won't even talk about the last time I went to church.

Those don't make me any less Christian though. The fact that you haven't even known her a week and your primary concern is conversion kind if makes it sound like you care about her religion than any relationship with her.

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Xper 6. Maybe you should convert to Islam. Or you know, you could respect her enough to let her believe in whatever she likes. Religions are a hassle.

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I'm not sure why anyone would bother with them. Some people are only muslim by name I think she is one of them. I think you shouldn't try to convert her. My husband is a Christian and I'm non-religious and his attempts to convert me would only annoy me and damage our relationship. Either accept her the way she is or find a Christian girl that you won't have to convert.

ConfusedGrocer Xper 7. You're badly misinformed. And God, not going to church isn't a Muslim thing. Only Christians and curious tourists go to churches. She doesn't sound like a bad Muslim at all, though it's clear that she's noy so religious. Christianity isn't any better than Islam. I hope the girl stops seeing you soon.

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The way to do this, is to show her, by example, how Christianity makes your happy and fulfilled. Any type of pushy, persistent, or imposing method will turn her off.

I think this relationship is doomed; religious differences are almost impossible to overcome. You can't convince someone to convert to your religion just to appease you. It's not going to work out well at all. I don't see your relationship lasting long. Don't be confrontational. Just let it slip that you're Christian, and see if she's comfortable with that.

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