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If you are dating someone who has admitted to a past history of addictive sexual behavior you will need to know what to expect going forward. If the person you are dating has been in sex addiction treatment for upwards of a year or more, then the chances are that he or she will not relapse into the prior behavior. Or at least will not take up the full-blown version of the compulsive behavior such as cybersex, prostitutes, pornography, anonymous sex, and so on. Here are some of the indicators that the person has done the necessary work on himself and is ready for a healthy relationship. Recovery history: The addict has had some combination of appropriate treatment and self help support programs such as therapy with a certified sex addiction therapist, treatment in a residential or intensive outpatient program if needed, group therapy, step group participation.

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Healthy communication: The addict is open and honest about what he feels and communicates his needs. He takes responsibility when he is wrong.

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Sex addicts can be expected to have residual intimacy issues. They come out of the initial stage of recovery vastly changed in many ways, but they will still be fearful of relationships will have imperfect relationship skills.

Bonding problems: Addicts often have had early attachment issues with parents or grown up without ever having any appropriate models of healthy bonding.

Oct 05,   Being in a relationship with a recovering alcoholic or addict certainly comes with unique challenges. If you've decided to move forward with dating an addict, here are some dos and don'ts. Use these tips to make having a relationship with an addict in recovery a lot easier for you both. The Dos of Loving A Recovering AddictAuthor: Mccarton Ackerman. Jul 27,   Dating a Recovering Porn Addict. July 27, By: Lexie Smith. How We Met. Dating in today's world is tough. Especially when you graduated with a degree in psychology and did a bunch of research on how porn affects the brain. Add that with a decade of sexual abuse as a child and it's a miracle I would even consider dating at all. Aug 30,   Dating a sex addict completely changed me for the better. by Anonymous Aug 30, at am EDT Aug 30, at am EDT Image: .

They may fear abandonment and feel that commitment is dangerous. If this is a problem they need to work on it in therapy. Other addictions: Addicts seldom have just one addiction.

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These things may not mean anything but sometimes they can be driven by the addiction in unconscious ways. He may be ambivalent or avoidant about sex. Sometimes the addict will try to bring addictive behaviors into the relationship in some way. This may or may not be OK with you.

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Make sure you get the details of the addicts sexual acting out behavior. Often they will leave out a whole set of behaviors that they are to embarrassed to talk about.

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Let your addict know when he is not being open and when he seems to be putting you off. He needs to practice asking for what he wants. Protect yourself and decide what your limits are.

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Likewise be clear about what you want in a relationship and make sure you ask your addict what he is looking for in a relationship. Get connected: Talk to other people or go to one of the many websites that deal with partners of sex addicts and get as much support and information as you can.

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Educate yourself about sex addiction, and if the relationship gets serious, feel free to make an appointment wit a certified sex addiction therapist to discuss things.

Getting therapy together at some point is never a bad idea.

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Nothing is for sure when it comes to relationships but dating someone in good recovery, particularly if you have done some work on yourself, can be very rewarding. You may end up in the best relationship ever.

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But if so that will be because you too are committed to learning and growing. One thing is for sure: relationships are to learn from.

Addiction in Relationships and Recovery - Beginnings Treatment

It's hard to believe they could save money when the thought of buying drugs is always lurking in the back of their minds. They also have probably become experts at lying and making excuses about their whereabouts, friends and money, so you'll want to check up on them constantly.

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If recovering addicts are trying to push their pasts as far away from the relationship as possible, they will eventually resent you for questioning them. There is a reason addicts continue attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings and therapy sessions; dealing with addiction is a lifelong battle.

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Some days are better than others, but the temptation to use drugs is a strong force that can set back years of progress. As an addict's significant other, you take on that anxiety and worry. You constantly have to be wondering if the person you love has relapsed.

Your Dating Plan. Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is, Have you developed a dating plan with your counselor, sponsor or therapist? This is especially crucial for recovering love or sex addicts, who tend to have a long history of unhealthy relationships but it can benefit any type of addict. Feb 12,   Dating a drug addict, as with dating anyone, comes with pros and cons. Con: Lack of trust Drug addicts, even if they have been clean for months or years, are difficult to trust. Oct 08,   If an individual meets three or more of these criteria, he or she could be considered a sex addict: Recurrent failure to resist sexual impulses in order to engage in compulsive sexual behaviors.

What is worse is you'll also have to consider how you'll deal with relapse if it happens. To recovering or present addicts, drugs are no. Their bond with drugs will be stronger than their bond with you, because drugs are easier.

Dating a recovering sex addict

Even the best relationships are sometimes messy and chaotic, but drugs are an immediate escape and a quick way to temporary nirvana. There are, of course, exceptions to this. Some addicts realize that they've given up the truly important things in their life, and work as hard as they can not to mess them up again.

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Ever hear the saying, "Replace one habit with another"? It's incredibly true, especially among addicts.

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When trying to come or stay off drugs, they often switch vices. Smoking cigarettes, exercising or having sex are popular stand-ins.

Aug 05,   If the person you are dating has been in sex addiction treatment for upwards of a year or more, then the chances are that he (or she) will not relapse into the prior behavior. Or at least will not take up the full-blown version of the compulsive behavior such as cybersex, prostitutes, pornography, anonymous sex, and so on. If you believe addiction is a sign of weakness or a character flaw, dating a recovering addict probably isn't for you. Sober Dating + Sober Sex = Less Drug and Alcohol Relapse. Feb 11,   For anyone considering dating an active addict, it is important to realize that love cannot conquer addiction. Addiction takes priority over everything - you, children, career, financial.

But beginning a serious relationship can be another substitute. This quality could go either way, depending on the type of person you are.

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If you're a fan of space, inconsistent talking and independence, dating an addict will bring out your worst. But if you like knowing you're an emotional support system for someone and enjoy interdependence, you'll thrive in this relationship. Addicts will need you as much, if not more, than you need them, and it's nice to know you're their source of happiness.

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