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You get consumed by their darkness, depriving you of oxygen, and they become the only thing you can breathe. They will give you just enough of themselves to hang on there, to stay close. This is not the kind of love you see in movies, nor is it romantic in any way. Loving a damaged person is one of the hardest, bravest things you could ever go through. Loving a damaged person requires rivers of patience and oceans of love.

Wanting to be a better person for your partner? Ari has absolutely no interest in visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed.

Dating damaged girl

Even though her gut warns her to stay home, visiting the island becomes inevitable-and more dangerous than she ever could have imagined. Forget Her is the new must-read sci-fi thriller by novelist Holly Riordan that will keep you on the edge of your seat! An interesting look at how someone who has been hurt in the past can get past that hurt and date again. For an old married guy, I seem to get a lot of dating advice in my feed.

I wonder if my settings are messed up or someone is playing a joke on me? You will never have to ask her what she is thinking, because she will.

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Paris Hilton is an aattention whore, but that's based on her life circumstance. Same thing for Kim Kardashian. One who comes out of a relationship saying she doesn't need a guy, but sleeps around definitely has issues.

She is lying to herself and self-destructing. You stay away from girls like that. Well what if the girl likes to be around men to much, and when she can't get any attention, she just flips in tantrum mode or just gets mood swings.

No, I believe you need to read my very first sentence which is a question to clarify what he means by damaged. The rest is my opinion based off my assumption of what he meant. I don't have time to hunt for the first discussion and furthermore Crazy Sag" is not referring to myself as being mentally "damaged" but there are cts of my personality that may be deemed crazy by the average person because I'm adventurous and love to take risks, I enjoy life and go beyond what most people are terrified of.

So before you pass your weak assumption judgment think about it first before you speak. People love getting tough behind the computer screen. Then they should fix their shit as a presumptive priority before attempting to get it.

Belgie Yeah they should shouldn't they? Too bad everyone can't and it's good that there are v people in the world that can love them despite their flaws. And whose to v say that there the ones trying to seek it in the first place?

Usually people that are damaged don't love there self and don't believe v that they deserve love, but there someone out there that believes differently and wants to help them and love them.

So even if you're not someone who wants to oh well. There are people that do. And there are guys that are like this too. Did I hurt your feelings? There there now Why, because I don't take their shit?

I'm not here to please everyone. I'm here strictly to inform and empower men. No disrespect, but I can give two shits if people get angry. Out of every debate, there will always be that one person that gets pissed off. Take it how you want it, but there are intelligent people on here who get what I mean and who can read in between the lines.

I applaud you.

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You're the type of person that make women look good. You deserve a great man and I'm sure you'll get it. You are considerate of others and you don't make excuses.

Once you get a chance to speak to someone who can help mend you Im sure a great guy will be knocking at your door.

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No I don't but if that's someone who you recommend then I will be sure to look him up. Women like that are essentially sabotaging their relationship on their own and will never be satisfied. Probably will end up alone with some cats too. Its hilarious to me! How many cats do you think she has I don't know about that, my friend. Once she gets pregnant, you're fucked. Do you let it dominate and shape the relationship, and do you make it his job to "warm you up" and make you trust him?

If the answer to this is "Yes" then you're a broken girl. But if you do your part and genuinely try to make things work, even if it means taking it extra slow, then I'll just consider you a girl with baggage. And baggage is something everyone got That's my answer at least. I agree there is a big difference between having baggage, and being broken.

It is how the person deals with their issues, that determines the difference. Some women with your history could be broken, while others might not be broken. Anonymous make sure you read the responses that you have received. Girl's Behavior. RodneySaySo Xper 4. A young guy asked me this question This girl gives a perfect example of how you can spot a damaged person Aaaaaaaaand then there's people like this who say retarded things, such as They will say things like And things like And saying this It was my pleasure.

Share Facebook. The Follow-up. Add Opinion. I'll be honest I didn't read everything you wrote, but here are my thoughts on this coming from a damaged girl : 1. The comments about how your ugly and any girl would dump you were not true and immature. I'll give you that.

I have very strong empathy for others, so dating damaged girls is dangerous for me. I'm not saying damaged girls are inherently dangerous. A girls rough history may not be apparent until I really get to know her and at that point I can develop real feelings for her. Dating A Damaged Girl SSL cryptage des informations. En tant Dating A Damaged Girl que site de rencontre serieux nous protegeons vos donnees au maximum. Nos membres peuvent aussi bloquer un utilisateur si celui-ci les importune ou peuvent facilement signaler un abus aupres de notre service client. Jul 07, † A broken person dating a whole person can oftentimes lead to major turmoil, toxicity, and dysfunction.

There are different kinds of damaged people, some who are so damaged that they make everyone around them miserable, and some who have gone through things and are now trying to be happy even though they might have some leftover insecurities problems from what they went through. Basically what I'm saying is I agree with you that some girls are nuts constantly looking at a guy's text, always saying there ugly, complaning about missing a two week anniversary etc If women aren't willing to date damaged men, why should we date damaged women?

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Sign Up Now! Related myTakes. Why girls filter their photos and want plastic surgery. I combined my idea with astrology! These are the 13 Codes of Heaven. My new and improved understanding of light - a Christian theme that might also apply to other faiths. Sort Girls First Guys First. I was prepared to read ignorance after reading the title, because so many people spout off about damaged women in a disrespectful and unintelligent way. Many guys will consider a woman to be damaged just because they have an ex with kids, were cheated on, hit on, etc.

Yes, those things definitely do damage. Many women cannot get past that, but there are just as many women who pick themselves up after some time and continue to live their lives.

Too many people men and women will get hurt and immediately self-destruct, while bringing another person into the mix. That is not fair to either party. I have dealt with my fair share of crap from my ex,-yes, I have kids with him, he cheated, did drugs, hit me, etcbut I was smart enough to realize that I needed time alone to work on myself.

My heart was hurt and my head was a bit messed up. Fortunately for me, I am a relatively intelligent woman. I learned to love myself again. I gave myself time to heal, and it definitely takes longer than most people think. I have been single now for 6 years.

Damaged girls are the most sinfully sexy, imperfectly perfect people you'll ever meet. We aren't flawless, but who is? At least we admit that we have faults. At least we're working on ourselves. You couldn't ask for anything more in a girlfriend. We know what it's like to . Damaged girls can also be so the lonely or shy type of person, who thinks that because she thinks she is trouble or that she isn't capable to give her evething, so she chooses to be alone (with a partner) and usually 74to be exact choose to keep that as a secret the list goes on and on. Because the damaged single girl knows how to love and she knows how to put her heart into things and that's precisely why she's damaged. She trusted, she loved, she fought and she failed, but there she is in front of you, trying it all over again. Through it all and although damaged, she will love you like no other. Share this article now!

I have to say, I am way happier now than I have been in a very long time. Am I ready for a relationship yet? Yes and no.

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Why am I not ready? Will I transfer what I went through to the next guy? He doesn't deserve that. It wasn't his fault. Would I have done so had I immediately rebounded? I couldn't see clearly at the time that all guys weren't the same.

I had to be open and experience friendships with other guys to see that each person is different. There was a cloud over me before, but bright skies now. I think it's telling of the women in your post seem to think that a "real man" should be able to handle a broken woman. It can never be her fault, but rather the fault of every single man that doesn't want to date her, or women like her.

The fact they think it is acceptable for a man to prop them up emotionally shows that those women really shouldn't be in a relationship at all, and have a lot of work they need to do on themselves. Relationships are a two way street.

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In a healthy relationship, both people need to accept the other person is going to have some emotional baggage, and to be supportive. You can't expect someone else to be constantly strong enough to support you, or that they are never going to need support themselves. It can't always be about you all the time.

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Like most things in life it is about balance. I don't think I have ever met someone that isn't damaged to some extent. If anything, it is more important to learn when someone is too damaged to currently be in a relationship, rather than just if they have some damage at all.

Some people just need to take some time off from dating and work on themselves. My mind is playing the inception game: If you date someone who is "damaged", as you so nicely put itwhich totally mindfucks you, and puts your whole mental self out of balance, doesn't that mean you too become damaged, and therefor undateable? Are you trying to tell us you will stay single for the rest of your life?

No no no no. Plenty of people are damaged and have bad pasts, it's all about how those individuals let that past and damage affect their personality. The rotten apple part is also looked at from a different angle. What if those people who "put up a nice act" actually try hard to not let their damage affect them?

Nobody wants to be seen in their dark side, not even the people themselves. The thing they have to learn to do is control them. Your partner isn't a therapist, although, they are your emotional support, very much like family. Which sometimes helps a lot more than therapy itself. The girl who said that it takes a real man to handle a broken woman implies that women cannot handle men.

When you actually "handle" someone, does this mean breaking up or tolerating them? Half would choose to tolerate and half would choose to leave.

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It's more complicated than just black and white. You can choose not to take them seriously :D. Your attitude to damaged women just makes me want to give up on dating forever. I'll move out on my own and get 10 dogs. For the first time in my life I am with a "damaged" man.

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He has depression and I didn't know this until after we had dated for more than a year and a half. I felt a little like someone had pulled the wool over my eyes.

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It has been a couple months since this started and we are now at the point that if it doesn't get better I have told him I will leave. In the end, you have to do whats best for yourself.

You can't live someones life for them. But I will be supportive until that time comes.

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DailyAlice Xper 5. Half of me agrees with you.

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You're throwing everyone into one category, and I must insist you change this title to "never date a damaged person". There are different kinds of damage. I'll define a couple from opposite ends of the spectrum: A People who are always angry and miserable. They do not trust you because of their life experiences, either from home life or past relationships. They are impossible to communicate with, every argument is a HUGE fight over who will win instead of using that opportunity to figure out how to move on from that situation and have a better relationship.

These are people that put blame on you, cause drama because they love ittwist your words around, always misunderstand you. You are sent on a mission to slowly peel their shield, layer by layer, and part by part.

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To slowly melt their heart. It might take you months to make cracks in the iceberg they have inhabited, and years to touch their soul. They seem to us like strong independent people who need no one, but inside they are the most vulnerable beings needing a hand to hold and a soul to understand.

Damaged people crave love more than anything else, yet they run from it at its very sight. They want an emotional connection, yet every time they try to establish one, ghosts of their past start haunting them, carrying images of the pain they had to endure. They push you away, yet secretly hope you would still insist on staying.

Aug 16, † Dating the Damaged Girl. If you believe this; I've got a bridge in Brooklyn, I would love to sell you. "Because if you gonna do something egregious, you might as well go balls to the wall. If not, just be the hot ass mess that you are.". That's one of my favorite quotes. There are those situations that we find ourselves in that cause us a great deal of anguish and frustration. Sep 05, † Dating is not a race, and it's not a competition, but at some point, it's healthy to settle down and try to maintain a serious partner versus sleeping around. Loving a damaged person is absorbing their poison and hoping it ends before you'll lie dead on the ground. It's saving someone while you're losing yourself in the process. It's never knowing whether what's between you is real or not. It's being stuck in a loop of mind .

They have been through the darkest tunnels of life and have witnessed what it means to stand alone on the edge of the world with no hand to hold as the winds get stronger. They have seen the devils in those who wore angel disguise, and now have a hard time trusting faces. They have been in stories no one will ever hear about, they have stayed awake on nights their mind would wonder to the forbidden places.

Broken Women: Don't Date This Type of Woman [[ BAD GIRLFRIEND ]]

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