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What to do there : This is a quieter place to visit and not all of it is nice. The gardens within are landscaped in 3 different styles, Japanese traditional, French Formal and English Garden, and exploring these natural surroundings could probably take you a whole afternoon!

This is a traditional spring activity in Japan for a good reason! Mostly, this is a place to sit and relax from the busyness of the city. There are no lines, no admission fees, a fast elevator and great customer service. And on a clear day, you can even see Mount Fuji from the building! So you can take as many photos as you want and then just relax and take in the views with no one hurrying you along.


For an extra bonus, time your visit to coincide with the sunset for some truly spectacular views and photographs. This studio is headed by Hayao Miyazaki and the museum is just as quirky as the films. Make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy this informal, unusual museum. Also you can feel like you are in a video game by dressing up and riding the streets in go-karts! Also, be a little careful about bringing young children to the area.

Because this area is dedicated to anime, you may see some of these elements in the streets. And not all of them will be appropriate for very young children to experience. Be sure to check out our favorite itinerary for Tokyo before traveling! Standing 1, feet above the city it actually has a very practical purpose and transmits television and radio over the city.

The building was modeled on the Eiffel Tower and it does bear more than a passing resemblance to this famous structure. It has observation decks where you can get a great view of the city and a shopping and restaurant area in the lower sections where you can pick up souvenirs or have a great meal. What to do there : The Tokyo Tower has two observation decks at different heights, so make sure you go up during the day or night to take photos of the city. They also have guides on these decks who can point out important buildings on the Tokyo skyline.

Check available here. Based on the iconic Alice in Wonderland books, this is a restaurant that serves great food in surroundings that could have come straight from the books. What to do there : If you have some time and loved the books then you definitely need to have a meal in this restaurant. And even the food is themed, with desserts shaped like the Cheshire cat and appetizers that look like decks of cards. It includes two towers that support capsules that are basically tiny little homes.

The idea behind this building is that the capsules can be removed and ated as time goes on so that the residents always have up to date tiny homes. What to do there : As strange as it sounds, these tiny capsules may reflect something about the future of living in big cities. And the idea is a good one in the abstract because each capsule is a tiny little home, with a bed, kitchen and all the amenities you would need to live comfortably.

But the people who tried to live there found it dehumanizing and claustrophobic.

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Indulge your taste buds at the local Fish Market! It shut down in and then reopened as 2 separate parts. What to do there : Eat seafood! And other than that, make sure you wander around. Visiting Tokyo? Find the best transport, best time and the best fare with Bookaway.

It only takes 2 minutes! Book your transport on Bookaway now and guarantee your seat easily. The lights change and suddenly people are walking from every direction, a crowd of crisscrossing shoppers, students, and men in business suits.

Go at dusk to get the best light for pictures. The displays are huge and fascinating and will give you a clear picture of Japanese art as it changed through time.

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The building itself was redesigned by acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma and it manages to convey age, grace, elegance and welcome all at once, which makes it really worth the experience. What to do there : This museum is a study in contrasts. It covers more than 40, feet and yet by some wonder of architecture, it still feels welcoming and intimate. Instead, it welcomes you to stay and enjoy the traditional art, so follow your impulses and take your time.

And make sure you check out the outer areas too. Attend one of the sumo tournaments! There are 6 official sumo tournaments in Japan every year, three of which are held at this location, and the tournaments themselves last for weeks. What to do there : Sumo is an iconic and much-loved sport in Japan. So, if you get the chance, buy a ticket and attend one of the matches.

There is always something going on in this park. What to do there : This is a park where you can relax, sit back, and enjoy yourself.

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Take a picnic or grab some snacks from a nearby stall and watch the performances. In the northern areas, long walkways stretch across lush lawns, so get some exercise and breath in the sweet-smelling air.

This is where a lot of the locals in Tokyo go to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the quiet. And if you need this during your holiday, then Ueno Park is the perfect place to get it.

Sep 24,   Considered as one of the top dating places in Tokyo, Inokashira Park is a terrific venue for families visiting Tokyo with children as well. You can enjoy a picnic here and of course the highlight of this site: the lake. There are three different kinds of child-friendly paddle boats. Jun 29,   Dating and hooking up are high variance games, but the more single women you talk to the more success you are going to have. Remember to use Japan Cupid to pipeline before you arrive in town or to set up some dates when you are already here. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Tokyo and our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

Basically, if you need restoration and quiet, this is the place to get it. Buy some local souvenirs! There are several floors in this building, with a shop on the ground floor, an art gallery on the second and a workshop at the top and it all explores the art of origami. There are classes on site as well as specially dyed paper, so get involved and make your experience that much more rich. What to do there: You can take a tour through the station if you like but you can also explore it on your own.

There are a huge variety of shops within the building as well as some food stalls that serve famous Japanese snacks. Try the Tokyo Ramen shop to try a wide variety of ramen types all in one handy location.

Catch a dramatic kabuki shows at Kabukizaka Theater image! The most recent incarnation was built inwhich proves just how important this art form is to Japanese culture. Kabuki is a form of Japanese theater that uses song and dance as well as highly dramatized language and actions to convey stories.

The plays can be historical dramas, more contemporary stories or dance pieces. Make sure you have a look at the souvenir shop afterwards for some awesome gifts or trinkets that are sure to raise eyebrows back home.

They now contain stores, houses, and workshops, all of them eclectic and cunning fit into such as small area. You can have a craft beer in a bar that looks like it came straight off the set of a Japanese film and eat break in an eclectic bakery.

What to do there : Just explore. It manages to carry cars, people and the Metro across the river and look spectacular at the same time, which you can really say about too many bridges. What to do there : The bridge carries cars, the Metro and people across the water, so if you want to get the full experience then walk over the bridge to Odaiba. The views of the bay and the different parts of the city are amazing in the day time.

Dating places in tokyo

But make sure that you find a good spot to see it at night as well because the lights are truly spectacular. What to do there : This restaurant serves Japanese food with western tweaks, but the real draw is the ninjas who serve the food, bring the menu, and jump out unexpectedly at you. Make sure you check on the showtimes for the magician as well, as this will add another layer of fun to an already interesting night.

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And it even has a faux indoor park, where you can relax and marvel at the ingenuity! It has a great view of Tokyo. Odaiba's beach boardwalk is one of the city's only accessible waterfronts.

Yokohama's big new port is about an hour from Tokyo.

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The area offers plenty of dining and entertainment. It's also a great place to view Yokohama's impressive skyline. It's always filled with couples out on a date. Ginza is one of the world's most luxurious shopping areas. It's known for its impressive architecture and bright lights. Ginza is a classy neighborhood filled with top restaurants and cafes.

It's easy to pay yen or more for a cup of coffee here.

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Omotesando is another luxury shopping area that's a popular spot for a date. Ebisu is a chill neighborhood filled with pleasant cafes and restaurants. The popular Ebisu Garden Place is like a city unto itself with a pleasant promenade, shopping, dining and entertainment.

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Kichijoji is a university neighborhood that features shopping, dining and entertainment. It's the type of neighborhood that has everything you can imagine but never seems overly crowded. In summer, couples enjoy lazy afternoons the area's large park Inokashira Park.

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