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Nowadays women tend to underrate country guys. Studies show that country guys make perfect boyfriends and husbands. They are not as brave and rich as most city guys, but they know how to treat a woman, surprise her and they are not self-interested. When you date a country boy, your dates are always interesting, healthy and fun. Check out a few undeniable reasons to fall in love with a country guy.

When you date a country guy, he treats you very delicately and tries to cater to all your needs.

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While most women love bad guys, if you are tired of them, why not fall in love with a country man? More: Are You Dating a Womanizer? Getting ready is not a big problem for a country guy. When going out he just needs to shower, put on a plaid shirt and ball cap and he is ready to go.

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Do you agree? As I mentioned above, a country man is Jack of all trades.

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Most girls lack this skill and if you date a country boy, he can fill that void easily. He can fix your fridge, change your tires, and do anything you need. Most country guys are obsessed with work.

Country Vs. City

More: 7 Rarest Qualities of a True Gentleman. Most people who live in a rural environment know how to relax. Most city guys tend to drink alcohol and smoke in order to relax, while country guys enjoy the surroundings and moonlit walks with their girlfriends.

Dating a country guy is beautifully romantic since all of the dates are unique and they can give you a better look at his personality. Boating, 4-wheeling, swimming, camping are only a few of many activities you and your country guy can engage in. Dating a country boy has many advantages.

He is more creative and he will always treat you with love and respect. Sure, country guys are not perfect, but I think they are much better than city guys. Have you ever dated a country boy?

People say hello and "how are you" and generally mean it. You go to the grocery store and have a decent chance of seeing at least someone you know.

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Your doctor actually calls you back the same day you call with a concern. People don't size you up constantly based upon your job, social status or income.

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Volunteer work isn't something you do for your resume. You feel a part of a genuine community, not just one peon out of millions.

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The countryside? It must be nice if you're retired or dead. If you want to have a semblance of a social life and like to do wild things like, oh, going to the cinema on a Monday night, the city is for you.

It's a thing. Forget about having to spend a quarter of your paycheck on a car.

Forget about feeding your second-hand beater gallons of earth-destroying gas on a weekly basis. And unless you live in LA forget about spending two hours a day stuck in traffic.

Living in the city means that walking is often an option. And if it's not, commuting by public transport makes you feel like you're part of the world: you and others are on the same boat, so to speak, taking time to pause and read, or listen to music, before reaching work or going home.

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And, from London to Paris, Amsterdam to Vancouver, chances are you will be also be lucky enough to be able to bike everywhere - making you both fitter and happier. You will never be the underdog. As Daria would tell you, it sucks to be the odd one out.

If you're a goth, head to London's Camden Town, which will love to have you. You like playing in all-female netball teams?

Jun 26,   That's my biggest obstacle of dating. I'm sort of a city/country hybrid. Grew up in the suburbs, spent my college days in an urban environment and spent my life since out in the country. I have a 50+ acre place and enjoy the hikes, gardening, wildlife and the privacy. Feb 21,   Studies show that country guys make perfect boyfriends and husbands. They are not as brave and rich as most city guys, but they know how to treat a woman, surprise her and they are not self-interested. When you date a country boy, your dates are always interesting, healthy and fun.

You'll find a club. Love mushroom-hunting? Start your own group. In Sydney, where I live, my local park alone is the home to joggers, skateboarders, tai chi lovers and tight-rope walkers.

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There's something for everyone. And kiss bigotry goodbye, too: if you're gay, you will easily find both a welcoming environment. And better dating prospects.

Aug 18,   In the city, you live on top of each other. Your kids and your dog barely know what grass is. In the country, you have something called a yard. You run around, kick a football and chase fireflies. Mar 27,   City life vs country life: As a born-and-raised city girl, having temporarily adopted a country life in Australia, I think it is safe to say I have experienced the best (and possibly worst) of both are two entirely different ways of life - each with their own advantages and disadvantages. But that doesn't mean dating doesn't happen - according to one expat's account in the Telegraph, living in Dubai can feel like a college freshman orientation. A large portion of the city's population are foreigners - 85%, to be exact - so it's expected that most people are new to Sara Hendricks.

The entire world is almost on your doorstep. Which probably won't happen in the city. You can order anything from online stores and - miracle! Museums, galleries, libraries are easily accessible, a lot of them free.

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And food: enough said. Who likes to have the choice only between a grim pub serving dismal burgers or fish-and-chips and the local Subway branch at the back of a derelict mall?

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Not me. It teaches you tolerance. There's a reason New Yorkers are considered to be the most thick-skinned people on earth: nothing fazes them, because no one has time to be fazed and they've seen it all anyway. Someone is rude to on the subway? Move along.

Dating show country vs city

Someone cuts you while queuing in the supermarket? Get ahead and get even. But cities also teach patience and empathy because, after all, you're all in this together. Compromise is in the very fabric of city living.

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Neighbours complaining about your Saturday party? You have to reach an agreement.

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People who don't act, think, or speak like you do? Kids who annoy you by listening to rap music in the bus? They share your space, too. And you, theirs. It's an imperfect and fragile microcosm, which, no matter its many drawbacks, seems to work.

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