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Your browser does not support video. After looking into the context of the GIFs, it seemed pretty clear that the two EXO members were simply joking around in most of the GIFs and the other situations were just a misunderstood. Similar to the Suho bullying rumors, however, it is difficult to come to conclusions with photos and GIFs without knowing the proper context. Netizens from Pann had also once claimed that Kai had gotten a re-surgery on his right eye and was suffering from the side effects such as bruising as a result. While some netizens believed that Kai was a plastic surgery addict due to the claim, many others also brushed off the rumor clarifying that the singer had an eye infection.

Ok so a few days ago I talked with a korean "friend" of mine I hadn't seen in a while.

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She's a hardcore EXO-L she used to be a sasaeng, not proud about that and she's still friends with many sasaeng, mainly exo sasaeng. Since I have an unhealthy interest in rumors and gossips, I asked her about it.

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She didn't really tell me anything interesting or new for obvious reasonsbut she did confirm some rumors that a lot of people already knew about. So about Exo, she told me that most members were dating or dated in the past two years not very surprising imo.

Apparently, D. Baekhyun dated at least once since Taeyeon.

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Most Shinee and Big Bang members regularly date, but most are single right now. About the several blind items mentioning gay idols, she said they are several idols and actors that are known to be gay not as many as some shippers may thinkbut no one talks about it.

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Actress Son Ye Jin is also assumed to be bi or lesbian. He dated someone inand probably in too.

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About Infinite Sungjong, an "insider" once confirmed he's gay, but the source was never verified. Many k-inspirits still believe it, although there is no proof whatsoever.

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Please remember that those rumors are not verified and should be taken with a grain of salt, not even "insiders" can truly know idols' sexual orientation. I also asked her about BTS since I'm a stan.

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She confirmed that they have a very big fandom there but they lack public recognition nothing new here. Oh and she met many idols since she lives in Seoul and went to many concerts and fanmeets, she told me which idols are the best looking and the nicest IRL if anyone is interested in that sort of things. Its 1am and I really have no energy to read all that right now.

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I stopped reading at the old couples thing. Korean or not, embarrassed or not they will not let an Ifan know about it. Of course there will be people who know how thirsty ifandom is to know the 'dirty secrets'.

Thanks tho.

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They go in and out of the SM building holding hands. After the pictures spread around the internet, many people thoughts that they will become the 2nd Baekhyun-Taeyeon couple.

Exo dating rumors

Even so, there are still many arguments regarding the couple as both fandoms cannot accept their idols are dating just like that. However, it turns out that the photo is just a misunderstanding.

Dec 31, á In this regard, some netizens can't help themselves to think that it was from EXO and TWICE, which are currently the most popular groups from the different agencies. A . Exo. It is rumored that these members are in a relationship: Suho, Baekhyun, Lay, Chanyeol, Chen, Xiumin. I have to say that out of all of these dating rumors. Ukiss Eli has to take the cake. I mean, this boy secretly dated for 5 years and got married during one of those years! I'm curious on how he did it without anyone finding out. Oct 05, á Meet Suho EXO and Irene Red Velvet, The Rumored Couple. Suho from EXO and Irene from Red Velvet are under the same label, SM Entertainment. Suho was born with the real name Kim Jun-myeon, and Irene was born as Bae Joo-hyun. Irene became a trainee in SM Entertainment in and debuted as a Red Velvet member in

The two indeed have a very close relationship, as they have been seen taking photos together on many occasions. After the controversy, Ki Do-hun immediately uploaded a photo of Yoona and him on that day on his personal Instagram account to clear the misunderstandings.

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So, if they are not dating, how and what kind of relationship do they have? As we all have known, every member of boy or girl group that has worked under SM Entertainment better known as SM Family have a close relationship between each other and have built not just a friendship, but a feeling of a family.

Even after leaving the group, there were rumors of Luhan getting married and having a kid. Prior to that, he was also rumored to be dating Wei Qian Ya, his alleged friend from high school. However, these rumors were proven to be fake because it was an attempt to generate web traffic. 10+ Most Insane Rumors Ever Spread About EXO 1. Suho is bullied by Kai. A post on the Korean online community Pann showed GIFs "revealing" Suho was being bullied by 2. Tao was bullied by EXO. GIFs and images were presented to "prove" that Tao was bullied by the EXO members after some 3. Kai. Welcome, EXO-L to the official EXO dating game! In this game, our 9 lovely contestants will answer our writer's questions, and you just have to pick your favorite answer (it can be the one you relate to the most, or the one you find the funniest, or the one that seems .

So, we can assume that Yoona and Sehun are getting along just fine just like any other SM Family member is. Also, if we look at the interactions between members of SM Family, we can rest assured because they take care of each other, either as a senior or as a junior.

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Do you think that they are really dating, or do you think that all of it is just a rumor? Home Entertainment Contact Us. Must Read.

May 13, á It is not the first time that Kai of EXO was rumored to be dating another idol as he has been linked with Krystal Jung and Jennie Kim in the past. Most recently, the dance machine of SM. Sep 04, á Thereałs a rumor that Dispatch is going to release another "dating scandal" involving an Exo member. She didnałt want to tell me who it could be, she just said she doubted it was about Chen, because Chen&Hyejeong isnałt juicy enough. Jun 08, á The dating rumor that involves EXO's Sehun and Yoona surfaced in April At that time, a photo of a man and a woman that were speculated as Sehun and Yoona was spread around the internet. Even though the photo is not quite clear, the netizens could easily identify the girl in a pink hoodie as Yoona.

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