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Bigbang and 2NE1 come from the same agency, YG Entertainment, is it possible that they may have been dating all this time? Their close relationship has been sniffed out by fans who have been tracking down all things that could be evidence of a romantic relationship. Soooo, what proof have they found? Do G-Dragon and Dara really date? Fashion items also seemed to cause quite a stir, but how hard is it to believe that two idols would have the same sense of fashion? According to an official statement released by YG Entertainment, it was G-dragon who suggested to Sandara Park to have their images taken in controversial poses, as a joke.

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Although they had met each other at a photoshoot back in earlyrumours of G-dragon and Japanese model Nana Kotmatsu only surfaced in May that year after his private Instagram was hacked, and photos of Nana and GD hanging out were leaked.

Photos: Instiz, Ready Made Is. is the premier online source of Guangdong news and information, fully displaying Guangdong through channels including Guangdong News, Guangdong Culture, Guangdong Business, GD Headlines, Greater Bay Area, Gov Info, Pictures, Cities & Towns, Specials and so on. also covers news of Hong Kong, Maocao, China and World. BIGBANG 's G-Dragon and actress Lee Joo Yeon have been caught up in dating rumors once again after she uploaded a filtered selfie of them together but then quickly deleted it. Many netizens believed she meant to upload it to her secret, private account but accidentally uploaded it to her public account. Your browser does not support video. This year, Dispatch has released evidence that BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Former Afterschool member Lee Jooyeon are indeed dating as they spent three days on Jeju Island together. Dispatch began following G-Dragon and Jooyeon's secret relationship a few months ago when they appeared to be meeting at each others' apartments.

Mostly based off Instagram activity and social media similarities, the Taeyeon x G-Dragon shipping has to be the most unrealistic of the lot sorry TaeGon shippers! Another far-fetched rumour that was quickly quelled, the Sulli and G-Dragon pairing started this year after fans spotted the two sporting similar jewellery and riding in first-class seats on the same airline. While Goo Hara quickly denied all rumours, we imagine their next interaction might have been a tad awkward.

Dispatch caught the two stars on a date in Jeju Island. They'd gone on separate planes, but met up in Jeju Island.

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Jooyeon was accompanied by Big Bang's manager. The following photos are from Dispatch. Share this article.

The news that Kwon Ji-young, well-known in the world by his stage name G-Dragon, and Lee Joo-yeon, a former member of the girl group After School, are dating appeared as a New Year gift for K-pop fans. According to Dispatch, the two South Korean celebrities spent four days and three nights on Jeju island for a vacation together. Sep 20,   Netizens conclude that the dating rumors between G-Dragon and Komatsu Nana are true by digging up new evidence of their secret love. G-Dragon's personal Instagram account was hacked a few days ago. With the hack, the idols' private Instagram suddenly became public and in came the rush of netizens digging up dirt.

Jooyeon Big Bang G-Dragon. Having said all of this, everyone should now stop hoping that Sandara Park and G-Drahon are into something romantic. To clarify once more, everything was just a big joke and not real.

The dating rumor between G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara first stormed the media in August , as they were spotted wearing alleged couple's rings and iPhones. G-Dragon used the black iPhone, whereas Kiko used the white one. Nov 13,   While none of them gained much steam, HeeDragon became one of GD's oldest dating rumours - with longtime VIPs swearing that their relationship was an "open secret" - thanks to matching outfits and accessories, as well as the time GD allegedly . Apr 18,   Sandara Park and G-dragon's dating rumors sparked after the two succeeded in a prank they did to entertain their fans, Drama Fever reported. According to an official statement released by YG Entertainment, it was G-dragon who suggested to Sandara Park to have their images taken in controversial poses, as a joke.

While there is no official statement of them have been dating for all this time, we can conclude that their closeness is just because they are family in YG entertainment. They may share the same interests, fashion styles, poses, taking pictures together, or even hug each other!

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Even though 2NE1 has disbanded, the relationships between the members, or even with BigBang, is still warm and maybe stronger. No matter what, they have worked together and will always be teammates.

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