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Thousands of years ago aliens experimented on cavemen, supercharging their evolution , and then mysteriously left their experiments behind. While trapped and nearly crushed beneath the rubble of a collapsed building, Medusa and Johnny were forced to reevaluate their secret relationship. Tagged as: crystal , Human Torch , inhumans , medusa , uncanny Inhumans. Welcome to my blog page! This is a page dedicated to comic books, comic book movies, pop culture news and other stuff that I find interesting.

Welcome to my blog page!

The Human Torch in Spider-Man Homecoming

This is a page dedicated to comic books, comic book movies, pop culture news and other stuff that I find interesting. I will try to ate this page as much as possible with the junk I find interesting. I hope you find it interesting too. Why the name Lowbrowcomics? Even though I love reading them, the title of the blog serves as a reminder to just have fun with them.

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Who are you? I remember the day I started pretty clearly. When I was about 3 or 4, my dad came home from work and among the little treats he usually brought home, he brought an issue of the Incredible Hulk, Daredevil and Power-Man and Iron Fist. It was all over after that.

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From then on out, I wanted to read as much as I could not limited to comics of course everything from the Marvel and DC universe. From then on out it was Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends on Saturday morning, Batman birthday cakes, Fantastic Four bed sheets, watching Superman movies and on and on and on.

At age 7 inI was at a birthday party and while most of the kids were playing with toys with the birthday boy, I noticed a TV on in the other room.

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I poked my head in to see what was on and noticed something strange on the tube. Something I had never seen before. Yep, you guessed it. The Empire Strikes Back. Thus began my second great love affair.

Human torch dating medusa

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Medusa Johnny's relationship with Medusa, once public, caused a lot of friction. When Johnny's former flame and Medusa's sister Crystal found out about their hidden dalliance, it caused tension between the three, so Medusa and Johnny decided to call it quits out of respect. A complicated romance in Torch's profile would need Medusa with Crystal (check since he dated Crystal long before he got involved with her sister Medusa. May 27,   Categories: crystal, Human Torch, medusa, The Inhumans, The Uncanny Inhumans. Tagged as: crystal, Human Torch, inhumans, medusa, uncanny Inhumans. Post navigation. The Terrigen Mists cover The Ohio State University. (Civil War II) Kamala Khan, Spider-Man and Nova save their classmates from a miniature fusion reactor. (Civil War II - Tie In).

Last Jump to page: Results 91 to of Thread: "Flame On! Is he sure Rogue isn't to blame?

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They are starting to get close in Avengers. Maybe she accidentally absorbed some of his power. There's been no hint of any power loss in Uncanny Avengers though. Was it ever serious with Medusa? Originally Posted by Hypestyle.

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Crystal did care. Originally Posted by DJ She's been through about 2 other love interests since Johnny Though debatably he probably was still the better one so really why care?

The Human Torch had fallen in love with Medusa's sister, Crystal. But when Crystal announced that Triton had been captured by the Seeker, Medusa teleported her family to Attilan. They arrived, as. Jul 20,   There may not be a Fantastic Four comic book in Marvel's immediate future, but it will be back someday. In the meantime, the Thing is joining - bullbreedadvisoryservice.coms of the Galaxy and the Human Torch . He abdicated after he detonated the terrigen bomb in Infinity. Medusa and Johnny got together after that but is specifically detailed in Uncanny Inhumans #8 Edit: I realize I .

An Ex finding someone else isn't always a big deal. Finding someone who is your sister; that's a big deal.

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As for Johnny, both Medusa and Lyja who was disguised as Alicia show him to be less than stellar in who he chooses. I love the FF, but Johnny's choices are pretty scummy here.

Jan 11,   First & Third Question: Medusa's was dating Johnny mostly out of spite against Black Bolt due to the events of Inhumanity. 2nd Question: Crystal probably didn't care. She's been through about 2 other love interests since Johnny (Though debatably . Black Bolt and Medusa are one of the Marvel Universe's longest-standing couples but even they are not immune to falling out of love. After the events of 's SECRET WARS, Medusa separated from Black Bolt and began dating the Human Torch. Black Bolt wasn't happy when he found out, and Crystal, Johnny's ex and Medusa's sister, felt betrayed by her older sister when she discovered the two ware . A fight between the Human Torch and Medusa awakened the imprisoned Dragon Man, who associated Medusa with the Invisible Girl, who had previously been kind to him. He protected Medusa against Gorgon and the Fantastic Four, until he later captured the Invisible Girl, which distracted the four enough for Gorgon to capture Medusa and bring her back to Black Bolt and her family.

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