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I have received so many messages from people asking me to teach them the scammer format to dupe their clients. It is a very difficult one, but I will continue to try and teach whoever wants to learn. Before you start reading and learning how to use the scammer format - which is also known as the Nigerian Prince email scam format , there is something you should consider. It is worth knowing that this format is almost or already casted. If you had used this format as of when it came out newly, you would be swimming in loads of cash.

Am a young begginer from Ghana. I actually love your lessons. I really love your lesson Man you are too much.

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I just wanna become your boy so you teach me some strategy More blessing man. Bro you are too much. How can I get the billing format. I also want the formats along with the billing formats.

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Actually bro, I would love to chat with you personally if you can gimme your whatsap number. I need a new dating format and sugar daddy and mommy with the herbalist format and the military with lotto format sir please help Me out.

I need your help so I can get back on track. Good day boss. I will like to meet with you for more coaching and mentorship. I appreciate your time in writing this format. How possible can be able to contact you for some details? Thanks boss, you really tried in taking out your time to write out these formats I greatly appreciate. Legal Hustles. How Scammers Use the Format. My Friend. Table of Contents. Share Tweet Pin 1 shares. First Name First Name.

Last Name Last Name. Your email input your email. Prev Article. Next Article.

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Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole. Send me an email.

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Hi bro. Henry turwasky. Basit Balogun. Felix Asante.

These are the steps to get started on Classified Scam Format. Visit the websites I mentioned above. Find any seller - target those who are just newcomers to the website. Arrange with them to buy their products. Agree on the amount you are going to pay (Let's say $) Find someone to help you. How Dating Billing Format Works Flawlessly My Profile. My profile is one of the most beautiful things on earth. I thought of something nice to make my profile The Photos. Getting photos is where the big task lies but don't worry, I have a solution for you. For you, whether Hooking Up. This is. Online Dating Scam Format: Common Formats in by Chelsea King. In a perfect world, the biggest challenge when it comes to online dating is finding the perfect match. Unfortunately, the internet is full of people looking to scam innocent victims and online dating sites .

Yoo, bro let link up and chat on WhatsApp for more games and wins. Boss please I need a billing format. Boss please I need a dting format I dont ask mich. Boss i beg i need you to help me i need to bill my client they no won give me kala again. Bro ,I have an idea let work together as a game message me. Akporukpe Moses. Please I need to make my woman love and trust me and how can I do that. We designed it specifically for freelancers, accountants, consultants, and other small businesses that are looking for something easy to use with a design that is easy to customize.

This template is the first in a line of new invoice and billing-related templates that will all use a similar style.

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This will allow you to create invoices, quotes, estimates, receipts, and account statements all with the same professional look. License : Private Use not for distribution or resale. This spreadsheet features a new clean and crisp design with the default color scheme set to grayscale for more ink-friendly printing. It's a piece of cake to change the color scheme, though. If you happen to live in a state that charges sales tax or gross receipts tax for services, you can use the second worksheet the tab labeled InvoiceWithTax that lets you include tax.

This version of the billing invoice includes a section for defining different payment plan options. This billing method demands that you stay natural or you lose. For you, whether novice or not, you must follow me up. What this technology does is to quickly scan the uploaded photo and then reveal matches to the uploader. So you see, this makes it very difficult for you to win your victim.

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But there is a way to bypass the access that Google will have on the photo of your choice. Create an account on social networks like FriendsterNetlogMySpaceetc. Some of these social sites may bar you from signing up as a Nigerian.

Like I stated under the requirement sectionmake use of VPNs to falsify your location. Once the photo is changed, it makes it almost impossible for google to trace it to its origin. You can change photo angles too. That makes me legit to them. Also, what determines the gender of my pictures is the gender of my client. Many g-boys believe in using the dating billing scam on women.

Nigerian Scammer Teaches How To Scam People Online

I even prefer men, especially aged ones. This is the part that demands covering your front camera. And of course, I ensure that mine is always included. To hook up, I sign into my dating sites accounts. When I open profiles, I spend a few minutes to study them before I message. All she needed was someone to be giving her dick.

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Pick one for yourself and be sure to retrieve photos that resemble someone from that region. After hooking up, this is the stage that decides the outcome of your hard work.

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Typically, I start with short messages. The old way is the sending of long narrative stories that will bore your potential victim. Make something simple and also mind your English. There is a grammar tool called Grammarlytry and get it if your grammaticality is poor.

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For this reason, I want to quit this dating site. Before now, I always used Google Hangout, but unfortunately, the platform was called off.

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So I create an exclusive legit email, using VPNs and block wares to stop clients from knowing my exact location. Appear busy always. Be sure that any messaging medium you invite them over to, makes use of your dating site profile name.

Latest dating billing format

Be real in your chats and be calculative before making responses. After some months, initiate distressing modes in chats.

Announcing a New Invoice Format. Due to the Windstream and MASS Comm acquisition, your account will be migrated to Windstream's platform. We anticipate this will be completed within the next few months. This change will allow us a unified approach to serving you and provide you with best-in-class customer experience. Important Changes. LATEST SCAM FORMAT. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION bullbreedadvisoryservice.comGTON DC. WASHINGTON D.C ROOM, J. EDGAR HOOVER FBI BUILDING PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW WASHINGTON, DC , FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION SEEKING TO WIRETAP THE INTERNET. We sincerely apologize for sending you this sensitive information via e . The Dating billing Format takes advantage of the popular phrase "love is blind". Truly love is blind which is why people keep falling for dating scams and you are going to make use of it. A Dating Format Sample To use this format, you will have to create a female profile and talk like a female.

I made a client of mine fall this way when I told her that I was a seaman for a company in Bosnia. Once, I told a rich male client at his 60s that I signed up as one of the nurses sent to Pakistan to treat the wounded on contract. I made him understand that I was tired of the job and wish to depart to anywhere in the world and settle with the money I made there.

From this point, I had incited pity for myself already. Why I crashed on her was because she was becoming too demanding. There could seriously be no better yahoo dating format than this. Just follow up the way it is and viola, the money in the account.

If you need a real yahoo format that would help you bill your clients, then you should use the dating billing format, also known as the dating format Before reading and you want to chat with me, see below!!! I will also allow you to download the dating format for scamming after reading this. The trick is that once they become your lover, convincing them won't be difficult again. That is why the scammer format can only work well with those who are lovers with their clients. It works like the dating billing format, but just that it pays higher. Pack-up and Run. Bros, I beg I need a military dating billing format to bill my client new and sure one and gift card format this my WhatsApp no Endowed. Please!!! Add me to your whatapp secret group I have some problems to discusses. Evans aigbedion.

The mistake that Yahoo boys make is often with age. Go for a woman that is more advanced in age and not some sexy bitch. Most of the beautiful girls profile you find on dating sites are owned by guys like you. Therefore, be smart enough to hook up with older women.

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Besides that, their emotions are more motherly, and every sad news you break to them will weaken their fragile heart.

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