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That being said, this was posted over at Clutch. Weight is an emotional and challenging subject for many women who struggle to keep or take extra pounds off. And for all the stories of happy and loved heavy women, our size most certainly can be a factor when it comes to meeting Mr. They way I looked in clothes and what I perceived to be my limited dressing options had great baring over my disdain for my size, but my desire to meet what I believed to be a better caliber of men had far more to do with my choice. However, there is something awfully unhealthy about your relationship to your appearance and your body being so deeply connected to your desire to be in a romantic relationship.

And if you begin to wonder if the person interested in you, stop.

Diet Plans and Dating | Dating While Losing Weight - Lifesum. The best relationships in the world must grow and evolve - they don't start and remain perfect. The same goes for you and your relationship with yourself. Embrace the process of growth and change with a forgiving spirit and you set the stage not just for personal satisfaction, but. May 21, Dating while losing weight. singlefemalelawyer Member Posts: Member Member Posts: Member. in Motivation and Support. Hey everyone. Just wondering what others think of this - I have been taking a break from dating in the last few months since being told by a couple guys that they did not want to date me because I was too fat. Since then. Your guide to dating while losing weight. First dates are challenging. But with a little know-how, you can meet your goals - and the love of your life. By Katerina Gkionis. It was a wonderful Thursday evening. We were on our first date: He made a reservation; we shared several tasty small plates and dessert. I indulged a little bit, but I.

But if you find a keeper who is worth that third glass of wine, enjoy the moment. In the morning, press the reset button and make healthy choices throughout the rest of the week so you can feel your best on date number two! The first rule: Always make sure that you feel comfortable. When you are ready to tell him or her, stay positive and upbeat.

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If fitness and eating healthfully are passions of yours, talk about them. Remember: Being honest about what makes you, you, makes you even more attractive. Katerina lost weight on a prior WW program.

Skip to main content Skip to footer. First dates are challenging. But with a little know-how, you can meet your goals - and the love of your life. By Katerina Gkionis. Global modal title Global modal body text. I am single and not currently dating on purpose. It's important to love yourself first before you embark on a relationship.

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May 21, PM 1. First off, you're beautiful and you shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise. Secondly, you most certainly should date! This will help you weed out the jerks from the good guys, and yes, there are good guys out there.

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I met my bf through online dating. I did have to meet a lot of weirdos, jerks and creeps, but the majority of them are just looking for someone to love. You have to love yourself first, and then you will attract the right kind of guy.

Losing weight increases the dating pool exponentially - lots of men simply don't see you if you're at a certain weight; and once you start being "seen," you start getting attention. Whether its right or wrong, we still have to work over time to make sure that we are in tune with ourselves, and that is also something else that comes. Oct 30, It stands for "dieting while dating," and according to a new study from North Carolina State University and the University of Texas at Austin, it's not always a good thing for your relationship.

My bf encourages me and we go for long walks, and hiking. Don't be in a rush, enjoy your new body, get a cute outfit. The right one is out there, just don't give up. Thanks for your comments.

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It makes me feel a little bit better. But the online dating world is very cutthroat I have found, and it seems like guys are only looking for fitness model looking types.

Even if we have everything else in common, it always comes down to my weight and I felt powerless. It does hurt to be overlooked because of your weight. I am trying to use this as motivation to be healthier.

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Just hoping there are nice guys out there. Those guys aren't necessarily jerks and you shouldn't necessarily stop dating. Just see what's out there and don't be discouraged if you aren't compatible with every guy.

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My new gf isn't attracted to my fat pics 50 lbs ago that are all over fb from a few years ago but I completely get it. If either of us were 50 lbs heavier than we are now, we would have never had a first date but now that we're more serious we'd see past it and of course push each other to be healthier. I understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to who they want to date.

My question was more if I should wait until reaching my goal weight before "getting back out there". I know these guys aren't necessarily jerks, however they were pretty harsh and could have said things differently in a way that was less hurtful. Don't stop!

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When you find the right person you will know it and they will too. Just be yourself and let it happen The guys you spoke of will one day realize they passed on a good thing. If that's the way they judge you The pounds you can lose Your personality and self worth you must hold onto with every ounce of your life.

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Keep dating and don't let those idiots get you down! You deserve better! Online dating is tough and good on you to put yourself out there and take a positive step when given negative feedback.

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I think you need to just focus on yourself and find your happiness on your own terms. You will find that when you feel happy as you've worked out, or eaten healthy or fit into those jeans from years ago it will show and people are attracted to happy confident people.

I tried on-line dating for years, kept it honest with recent pics and at least one full body image and I did ok.

Losing weight while dating

There is always lots of rejection as you have a large menu of choices but then I returned the favour we all have our types - trust me not all men want fitness models or I would never have gone on any dates at all!!

Ultimately though it didn't work for me so I just decided to focus on me and being happy and voila I met someone. Now struggling to keep on my weight loss journey when being told constantly how beautiful I am, it is a tough life ;- Stay positive and don't shut any doors!

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All the best. Some people don't want to look below the surface to discover the real person, regardless whether someone is overweight or slim. If that kind of person has shown himself to you by saying he doesn't want to date you if you're overweight, then you have been given a blessing to know that person's inner self. You don't want to date someone that will not love you and support you regardless of your weight.

I met my current husband while very overweight, and I am still quite overweight, although with his support I have lost quite a bit of weight.

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My tall, athletic, slim husband has never seen me as anything but me, and what I mean by that is it didn't matter to him what my weight was, he always saw the real person inside. That's what you want in a relationship that's what you want in a friendship and in a marriage.

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I agree with all the earlier posts, it is very important that you love yourself and take care of yourself, that is regardless of whether you were dating someone or not. The one thing I didn't realize about myself, was that when I did not think as well as myself as I could, I attracted somebody who was like-minded, and did not think as well of himself as he could.

So there is a value in my opinion, of knowing yourself and building your self-esteem. If that's something that is your goal right now and why you aren't dating, then there could be some sense in it.

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