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The permit is only good for parking your RV on the block where you reside, and you must have proof of your address when applying for the permit. This means that you may be able to have guests stay in their motorhome in front of your house for three nights at a time, but you will not be able to park an RV near your house on a long-term basis. Plus, this does not only apply to motorhomes; parking other recreational vehicles on residential streets, such as boats, is also prohibited without these short-term permits. This means that even if you do not have a motorhome, you may need RV parking for other vehicles. If you have the space, the most convenient and affordable place to store your RV is on your property. This may mean using an empty spot in your driveway, widening your driveway to include an RV parking spot, transforming your side yard into a parking space, or finding a spot on your property where you can store your motorhome long term or make your trailer a semi-permanent guest house.

MMS News S7 Ep 6 Air Date 11-08

I never have dropped calls, poor service or accrue any data charges. Metro is wonderful. I purchased my Iphone 5 unlocked for extra cost, because I need to use it in Belize on a Digicell network.

Now im back in Miami and Metro says my phone isnt unlocked.

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