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Nice teeth dating

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Depends on the definition of "nice teeth". I would not date someone whose teeth are rotting and falling out. I don't care if they are crooked though and in some cases it can be rather endearing. Also, if you think it is an issue, it can be changed (I used invisalign) so to me it is really not a big deal. Many people say that good teeth and a nice smile are important elements in what makes someone attractive, so there is nothing unusual about your feelings. Now you have to ask yourself, is it worth losing a great guy because one thing about him is. An exhaustive survey of nearly 5, unattached adults ages 21 and older found that to be the case, with nearly 60 percent of men saying they care most about good teeth in a potential date compared.

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Give me a tall guy with big muscles and Nice teeth, and i'll find him attractive 90 of the time. Having bad teeth is definately a deal-breaker to be. As long as your teeth/mouth aren't gross. I stopped dating a guy because making out with him always tasted really bad. No matter when it was, his mouth always tasted gross. It might be time to start hitting the dentist's chair (and the spell-check button) as hard as you hit the gym-teeth and (surprisingly) grammar top the list of what single girls pay most attention to when sizing up a new guy, according to a survey from online dating site recently asked 5, unattached men and women ages 21 and older + questions about dating, sex, love, and. Feb 02,   Nice teeth Posted: 2/1/ PM: You can go to a dentist and have them done professionally. It is pricey though. I know of people who have used the crest strips, etc. and it seemed to work for them. Make sure you use a whitening toothpaste, it helps. Anything you use, will make your teeth sensitive the first week. But it goes away.

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Common dental problems in children - Dr. Harsh Vyas \u0026 Dr. Kalpesh Date

I have always been hesitant to smile because of my teeth: I'm one of those people with chronic dental issues, no matter how often I brush, no matter what I eat. My teeth are pretty comparable to this, maybe a little worse after a few beers: Imgur.

So, how big of a deal is it? Should I smile more? I feel like the benefits of smiling would outweigh people seeing that I have bad teeth, but yeah. Easier said than done. Edit: I take good care of my teeth, and go to the dentist often. Not a big deal.

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I don't have perfect teeth myself, so. While I am very self-conscious of mine, I don't really judge anyone else, unless it's something really weird. As long as you have two front teeth, don't have any damage consistent with prolonged drug use, or have halitosis, I don't really care.

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I don't have the best looking teeth myself, but I never needed a filling. As long as it's not atrocious, I don't care. My FWB is missing a tooth, not the very front but close enough to the front that you can see it when he smiles.

It threw me off at first but I've stopped noticing it. He's still attractive. Do you see the dentist frequently?

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I didn't see a dentist until I was I'd been smoking since I was 19 and had really yellow teeth; they were actually brown on the backs. I finally got a professional cleaning and I was shocked by how white my teeth became. I'd tried whitening strips before and they didn't even come close to the whiteness after the cleaning. Suddenly I didn't feel self-conscious about smiling anymore! It made a dramatic difference in my self-esteem. To answer your question, though, the image you posted doesn't seem awful to me.

You wouldn't have a dazzling toothpaste smile, but I'd personally rather someone smiled than worried about their appearance. And that pic just looks like a normal person's mouth to me, honestly.

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I have seen people with terrible teeth and I wouldn't be interested in them, but we're talking black and brown kinda teeth. I get cleanings twice a year. It has something to do with my saliva, can't remember the name. Having a nice smile is different from having nice teeth, in my opinion. I don't care if the teeth are a little crooked as long as you look genuinely happy when you smile. I love when my man smiles at me, or has that little grin on his face when he's thinking of something It's part of what I find attractive about men.

There's this one young guy I know and he's always so eager to please and has a take my breath away kind of smile. As to your question, its not particularly important that everything is straight and in order, but its still nice.

There's a guy I know who I have a mild crush on and while he doesn't have perfect teeth, he too has a smile that takes my breath away, it's dazzling. Paper-white teeth are unnatural and the idea we should have totally white teeth is purely a marketing ploy to sell cosmetic products.

I might be biased because I have a wonky tooth, but I don't really care about teeth. I tried not smiling for a bit because I was self conscious about it, but it didn't really work, I smile too much. And people have said I have a pretty smile, just because it's genuine so I think smiling authentically is more important than having perfect teeth.

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If a person loves to see you smile, they won't care what your teeth look like. If they are interested in what you have to say, they won't be bothered by what your mouth looks like as you say it. Don't worry too much and smile as much as you please :. Smile is SO important to me Having bad teeth is definately a deal-breaker to be. Of course, I may be biased since my teeth are kinda bad.

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I would ask him about using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. He may let it slide since it's a home recipe, not a "product". As far as the original question goes, I think that it's always better to smile than to be self conscious.

I tend to date happier people as opposed to people without perfect teeth, and a little extra confidence can go a long way. I stopped dating a guy because making out with him always tasted really bad.

No matter when it was, his mouth always tasted gross. My husband's front tooth was chipped pretty bad when we met. He also has chronic dental issues, plus he hates the dentist which makes them worse.

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I'll vote not important as I still dated and married him. Dental hygiene is more important to me than the actual perfection of someone's teeth.

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As long as your hygiene is good, you're golden in my book. Bad teeth aren't necessarily a dealbreaker. I've been attracted to guys with crooked teeth before; if I'm attracted to a guy already, somewhat crooked teeth probably won't kill the attraction, and I can overlook it.

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That doesn't look bad at all, really. I mean it does, but everyone's teeth look weird when they're totally exposed like that. A good smile is essential, but you don't need straight, white teeth to have that. Generally if I like a guy I'm going to like his smile too because it's attached to him!

My mom used to be a dental assistant and it honestly raised my standards for teeth in other people waaaay higher than it should be.

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That being said, as long as teeth aren't yellow and at least the top set of teeth the only ones you see really when you smile are in alignment and not damaged, I'm usually pretty satisfied. Honestly and maybe this is my own insecurity about my own teeth saying thisbut perfectly white, perfectly straight teeth completely creep me out, and I don't think they should be the objective.

I think an off white to light yellow color is normal and healthy looking, and slight crookedness I find charming and adds uniqueness to each person. More top stories.

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