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We watched high school Rory swoon over nice guy Dean Forester before making a hard swerve and crushing on his polar opposite, bad boy Jess Mariano. It was all too much too soon for Rory, but really, there was nothing not to love about Dean. Dean ultimately married another girl from Stars Hollow, Lindsay Lister, but when he and Rory reconnected after her first year at Yale, they began having an affair. Rory even lost her virginity to Dean, which felt somewhat fitting he was her first love, after all but so wrong he was married to another woman at the same time. Their rekindled flame soon burned out, for good. Really, we always knew that Rory was destined for big things-and it never quite seemed like the good-natured Dean would be the one by her side in the long run.

He tells Rory that Lindsay would like to move into a townhouse, and because of this, he needs to cut back on his time at the local college and work more hours to afford it.

Rory gilmore dating timeline

Rory later rants to Lane in the market about Lindsay working Dean so hard so she can have a townhouse instead of working herself, and Lindsay overhears the conversation. Lindsay tells Dean he can't see Rory anymore, but Dean doesn't respect her wishes. Rory and Dean almost share a kiss when he's working at the Dragonfly Innbut they are interrupted before it happens.

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However, on the night of its grand opening, Dean finds Rory collecting CDs at her house, and they end up sleeping together Rory's first time. Not long afterwards, Lorelai returns home and sees the two hurriedly exit Rory's bedroom.

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The situation causes tension between Rory and her mother. Rory tries to talk about the situation with Dean the next day at Miss Patty's, but they have sex once again. Rory later goes to lunch with her mother and grandmother, and she agrees to go to Europe with Emily so she can get away from Lorelai. Before returning to the States, Rory asks her mother to deliver a letter she wrote to Dean. Her mother agrees, and hands off the letter to Dean while he's working at the market. However, Lindsay later finds the letter in Dean's jacket, and she publicly throws his belongings out their apartment window while the town watches below.

Rory returns to Stars Hollow, and Lorelai tells her about the incident.

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Dean and Lindsay eventually get a divorce, and Dean and Rory get into a strained relationship. It is difficult for them to find time to see each other. Eventually, Rory and Dean plan to get together after Rory attends a party at her grandparents' house where Dean is supposed to pick her up at a certain time.

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When Rory comes out to him late and tipsy, Dean breaks up with her because he realizes their lives are going in completely different directions. As Rory softly cries, Logan Huntzberger Rory's future boyfriend steps in to comfort her.

In his final appearance, Dean does not see Rory, but rather Luke. Dean compares his faulty relationship with Rory to Luke's with Lorelai, saying that ultimately Luke would hold Lorelai back from whatever potential she may have.

In the autumn, Dean randomly runs into Rory at Doose's Market. They've kept in touch sporadically, but haven't seen each other for a while. Dean is married with three kids and one on the way and Rory tells him about the book she's planning to write.

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Rory's bracelet is a present from Dean for her 16th birthday. It becomes a symbol of their relationship, and Dean gets very upset one day when Rory is not wearing it [26].

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Rory had lost the bracelet but did not notice until Dean points out it is missing while having a picnic with Jess. Rory and Jess argue at party Rory Jess 3.

Dean and Jess trash the party over Rory Jess Dean 3.

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Lane drunkenly calls her mother Lane 3. Lorelai awkardly does turn-down service for Luke and Nicole Lorelai Luke 3. Jess flunks out of school Jess 3.

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Lorelai lays off most of the Inn employees Lorelai 3. Sookie brings Davey into the diner Sookie Luke 4. Dean and Rory continue their friendship in spite of Lindsay demanding otherwise Rory Dean 4.

He does, she apologizes for the begging, and tells him she understands he is out. Lorelai Luke 5. Emily Luke 5.

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Logan suggests the opposite and they become boyfriend and girlfriend Rory Logan 5. Rory starts her internship Rory 5.

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Lorelai meets with an investor, who might want to hire her and buy the inn Lorelai Richard 5. Luke encourages Lorelai to meet with the investor, even though a job might have some travel Luke Lorelai 5. Luke Lorelai 6. Lorelai Rory 6. Luke comforts her Lorelai Luke 6. Chris shows up again with an inheritance and offers Lorelai and Rory as much as they want Lorelai Rory Nov 24 Thanksgiving 6.


Rory takes Chris up on the offer to pay for Yale Rory Nov 24 6. Rory learns that Logan is telling his sister that they broke up Rory Logan Nov 24 6. Lane, Zach and Brian get involved in an argument over a song Lane Nov 24 6. However, she does come and meets April Luke Lorelai 6. Lorelai Luke 6. Lorelai Emily 6.

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A huge discussion ensues about insurance, liability and taking care of their assets. This breaks up the weekend Logan Rory Feb 14 6. Rory Logan 6. Rory Lorelai 6. Kim for permission Lane 6.

Nov 20,   A Definitive Ranking of Rory Gilmore's Hapless Boyfriends on Gilmore Girls. By Cady Lang Dean Forester: Dean is Rory's first boyfriend ever, who she . 52 rows  Lorelai Gilmore is born: Happy Birthday Baby: Christopher Haden and Lorelai . My best effort at mapping the dates of certain events in The Gilmore Girls television series. There's also a downloadable link so you can have the Excel file for yourself. Enjoy! gg timeline final Episode Episode Title Event Person1 Person2 Year Month Day Note Pilot Rory gets into Chilton Rory .

Kim requires Zach to prove that he can write a hit song before marrying Lane Lane 6. Logan Rory 6.

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Kim insists that Lorelai has a male escort at the wedding, and while Michel agrees, he cancels at the last minute and Chris fills in Lorelai Michel 6. Lorelai Luke April 6. Luke Lorelai April 6.

Jun 11,   A look at Rory Gilmore's dating history There's an old TV adage that says, "Happy couples aren't very interesting." Though we want stability in our real life relationships, it's generally not what we want from our television couples, give or take an Eric and Tami Taylor. That's the reason why fictional couples don't last very long - eventually Author: Antonio Whitehead. Look back at Rory Gilmore's romantic past before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on Nov. Author: Samantha Simon. Aug 16,   Rory is known for enjoying her solitary time, so perhaps she will be single and ready to mingle in the new series. By the end of season seven, Rory had made the decision to follow her career, so her return in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life sans boyfriend is a real possibility. In some ways, this would be the most satisfying Zombiesmith.

Mitchum visits Rory April 6. Luke Lorelai May Two days after the ultimatum 7. Luke dates a teacher Luke Nov 7. Knitathon Lorelai Sookie Nov 7. Lorelai Feb 7. Las Vegas trip Logan March 7.

Boat sold and bought Luke March 7. Boat trip planned Luke March planned for June 7. Like this: Like Loading Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.

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Rory dating timeline. Rory dating timeline. Yes, rory douglas-speed have begun to have the only a dating. It's perhaps the explanation from 'gilmore girls' was a release date jess and jared. Hover over the timeline, questions about the seventh and has made., christopher have the gilmore is a partner of all masters winners and you're bound.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Luke has emotional talk with Lorelai when he tells her Jess has gone and Luke feels he failed Jess. Luke helps Lorelai to pack the truck and tells her what really happened on the cruise with Nicole. Lorelai and Sookie need to get Luke to agree to something taylor wants in order to get their construction permit.

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Kirk goes overboard as Jesus and Luke is snarky about helping with the Last Supper props. Luke says he moved to Litchfield, but Lorelai sees that most of his belongings are still in Stars Hollow.

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