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The earliest known world maps date to classical antiquity , the oldest examples of the 6th to 5th centuries BCE still based on the flat Earth paradigm. World maps assuming a spherical Earth first appear in the Hellenistic period. The developments of Greek geography during this time, notably by Eratosthenes and Posidonius culminated in the Roman era, with Ptolemy's world map 2nd century CE , which would remain authoritative throughout the Middle Ages. Since Ptolemy, knowledge of the approximate size of the Earth allowed cartographers to estimate the extent of their geographical knowledge, and to indicate parts of the planet known to exist but not yet explored as terra incognita. With the Age of Discovery , during the 15th to 18th centuries, world maps became increasingly accurate; exploration of Antarctica , Australia , and the interior of Africa by western mapmakers was left to the 19th and early 20th century. The accompanying text mentions a distance of seven beru between the outlying regions. The descriptions of five of them have survived: [3].

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States View each of the 50 U. View States. World Country Outline Maps Zoomable. Get a world outline map. The writing is in black ink, with additional red and gold, and blue or green for water with the Red Sea coloured red. The captions demonstrate clearly the multiple functions of these large medieval maps, conveying a mass of information on Biblical subjects and general history, in addition to geography.

Jerusalem is drawn at the centre of the circle, east is on top, showing the Garden of Eden in a circle at the edge of the world 1. Curiously, the labels for Africa and Europe are reversed, with Europe scribed in red and gold as 'Africa', and vice versa.

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An open-access high-resolution digital image of the map with more than 1, place and name annotations is included among the thirteen medieval maps of the world edited in the Virtual Mappa project. Italian geographer Pietro Vesconte was a pioneer of the field of the portolan chart.

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His nautical charts are among the earliest to map the Mediterraean and Black Sea regions accurately. He also produced progressively more accurate depictions of the coastlines of northern Europe. In his world map of he brought his experience as a maker of portolans to bear; the map introduced a previously unheard of accuracy to the mappa mundi genre. The Catalan Atlas originally consisted of six vellum leaves folded down the middle, painted in various colours including gold and silver.

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The first two leaves contain texts in the Catalan language covering cosmographyastronomyand astrology. These texts are accompanied by illustrations.

The texts and illustration emphasize the Earth's spherical shape and the state of the known world. They also provide information to sailors on tides and how to tell time at night.

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Unlike many other nautical charts, the Catalan Atlas is read with the north at the bottom. As a result of this the maps are oriented from left to right, from the Far East to the Atlantic. The first two leaves, forming the oriental portion of the Catalan Atlas, illustrate numerous religious references as well as a synthesis of medieval mappae mundi Jerusalem located close to the centre and the travel literature of the time, notably The Travels of Marco Polo and the Travels of Sir John Mandeville.

Many Indian and Chinese cities can be identified. Created under the supervision of Korean officials as part of a cultural project of the newly founded Joseon Dynasty[30] it is the most familiar example of the known-world maps based on Chinese cartographic techniques with additional input from western sources, via Islamic scholarship in the Mongol Empire.

Superficially similar to the Da Ming Hun Yi Tu which has been less well known in the West because it is kept in closed archive storage the Kangnido shows its Korean origin in the enlargement of that country, and incorporates vastly improved though wrongly positioned, scaled and oriented mapping of Japan.

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Elsewhere, the map betrays a decorative rather than practical purpose, particularly in the portrayal of river systems, which form unnatural loops rarely seen on Chinese maps. Nonetheless, it is considered as "superior to anything produced in Europe prior to the end of the fifteenth century". The De Virga world map was made by Albertinus de Virga between and Albertin de Virga, a Venetian, is also known for a map of the Mediterranean, also made in Venice.

The world map is circular, drawn on a piece of parchment The first leaf contains a description of the Rule of marteloio for resolving the course, with the "circle and square", two tables and two other diagrams.

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The next eight leaves contain various navigation charts. And the final leaf contains the Ptolemaic world map on Ptolemy's first projection, with graduation. Some believe Bianco's maps were the first to correctly portray the coast of Florida, as a macro-peninsula is attached to a large island labeled Antillia.

Bianco also collaborated with Fra Mauro on the Fra Mauro world map of Mainly a decoration piece, the Borgia map is a world map made sometime in the early 15th century, and engraved on a metal plate.

The Genoese map of is a world map that relied extensively on the account of the traveler to Asia Niccolo da Contirather than the usual source of Marco Polo. The map depicts the main landmarks of the time: Prester John in Africa, the Great Khan in China, "Xilam" Ceylom and Sumatra, and the design of a three-masted European ship in the Indian Oceansomething which had not occurred, suggesting that a sealane was a possibility.

The original world map was made by Fra Mauro and his assistant Andrea Bianco, a sailor-cartographer, under a commission by king Afonso V of Portugal. The map was completed on April 24,and sent to Portugalbut did not survive to the present day. Fra Mauro died the next year while he was making a copy of the map for the Seignory of Venice, and the copy was completed by Andrea Bianco. The map is preserved in the Museo Correr in Venice.

Both show heavy influences from Ptolemyand both possibly derive from maps created around in Lisbon by Bartolomeo Columbus. Although Martellus is believed to have been born in Nuremberg, Behaim's home town, he lived and worked in Florence from to The Erdapfel German : earth apple produced by Martin Behaim in is considered to be the oldest surviving terrestrial globe.

It is constructed of a laminated linen ball reinforced with wood and overlaid with a map painted by Georg Glockendon.

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It shows a rather enlarged Eurasian continent and an empty ocean between Europe and Asia. The Caribbean islands may already be represented as well, even before Columbus's return, under the name of the mythical Saint Brendan's Island. Japan and Asian islands are disproportionately large. The idea to call the globe "apple" may be related to the Reichsapfel "Imperial Apple", Globus cruciger which was also kept in Nuremberg along with the Imperial Regalia Reichskleinodien.

Init was transferred to the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg. It is the first known European cartographic representation of the Americas. It is now in the Museo Naval in Madrid. The Cantino planisphere or Cantino world map is the earliest surviving map showing Portuguese discoveries in the east and west. It is named after Alberto Cantino, an agent for the Duke of Ferrarawho successfully smuggled it from Portugal to Italy in Amerigo Vespucci.

It is hand drawn on parchment and coloured, being composed of ten sections or panels, measuring 2. Historians believe that this undated map signed with "Nicolay de Caveri Januensis" was completed in - It was probably either made in Lisbon by the Genoese Canveri, or copied by him in Genoa from the very similar Cantino map.

Johannes Ruysch an explorer, cartographer, astronomer and painter from the Low Countries produced the second oldest known printed representation of the New World. It uses Ptolemy 's coniform projection, as does the Contarini-Rosselli map. Both document Christopher Columbus ' discoveries as well as that of John Cabotincluding information from Portuguese sources and Marco Polo 's account.

There are notes on his map that clearly were from Portuguese sources. Newfoundland and Cuba are shown connected to Asia, as Columbus and Cabot believed. The presence of codfish is noted on the Ruysch map in the area of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland and shows the discoveries the Portuguese had made along the African coast and shows India as a triangular peninsula with Ceylon in the correct proportion and position.

Greenland is shown connected to Newfoundland and Asia on Ruysch's map, and not Europe as earlier maps had showed. Around the north pole, Ruysch drew islands, based on reports in the book Inventio Fortunata of the English friar Nicholas of Lynne.

The island above Norway shows remarkable similarities to Svalbar which was not discovered until by Willem Barents. Along with a book they further incorporated, for the first time in history, the name America on a map, holding the strong opinion that it was a new continent that Amerigo Vespucci had discovered on his voyage and not only a few smaller islands as Christopher Columbus did in the West Indies.

The surviving third of the map shows part of the western coasts of Europe and North Africa with reasonable accuracy, and the coast of Brazil is also easily recognizable. Various Atlantic islands including the Azores and Canary Islands are depicted, as is the mythical island of Antillia.

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The map is noteworthy for its apparent south-eastward extension of the American continent to depict a southern landmass that some controversially claim is evidence for early awareness of the existence of Antarctica.

The map by Pietro Coppo was one of the last world maps to feature the " Dragon's Tail " extending southwards from the far eastern extremity of Asia, the last vestige of Ptolemy's landlocked depiction of the Indian Ocean, nearly 1, years earlier.

Diogo's map delineates very precisely the coasts of Central and South America. However, neither Australia nor Antarctica appear, and the Indian subcontinent is too small. The map shows, for the first time, the real extension of the Pacific Ocean.

Dating Rand McNally and Gousha Maps. In cases when the year of publication was not shown on the cover or in the legend, map companies put date codes at the bottom of the main map. The table below shows the codes for two main map producers, Rand McNally and H.M. Gousha. While Rand McNally always used the first letter or first one or two digits.

It also shows the demarcation of the Treaty of Tordesillas. Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator world map of introduced a cylindrical map projection that became the standard map projection known as the Mercator projection. While the linear scale is constant in all directions around any point, thus preserving the angles and the shapes of small objects which makes the projection conformalthe Mercator projection distorts the size and shape of large objects, as the scale increases from the Equator to the poles, where it becomes infinite.

The title Nova et Aucta Orbis Terrae Descriptio ad Usum Navigatium Emendate : "new and augmented description of Earth corrected for the use of navigation" and the map legends show that the map was expressly conceived for the use of marine navigation. The principal feature of the projection is that Rhumb linessailing courses at a constant bearing, are mapped to straight lines on the map.

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The development of the Mercator projection represented a major breakthrough in the nautical cartography of the 16th century although it was only slowly adopted by seafaring nations. The Theatrum Orbis Terrarum or "Theatre of the World" is considered to be the first true modern atlas.

Written by Abraham Ortelius and originally printed on May 20,in Antwerpit consisted of a collection of uniform map sheets and sustaining text bound to form a book for which copper printing plates were specifically engraved. The Ortelius atlas is sometimes referred to as the summary of sixteenth-century cartography.

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Many of his atlas' maps were based upon sources that no longer exist or are extremely rare. Ortelius appended a unique source list the "Catalogus Auctorum" identifying the names of contemporary cartographers, some of whom would otherwise have remained obscure.

Three Latin editions of this besides a Dutcha French and a German edition appeared before the end of ; twenty-five editions came out before Ortelius' death in ; and several others were published subsequently, for the atlas continued to be in demand until approximately A mosaic model of the map is installed on the fence of Safra Square at the site of Jerusalem's city hall.

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The map is a figurative illustration, in the manner of the medieval mappa mundi format, depicting the world via a clover shape. The city of Jerusalem is represented as the centre, surrounded by three central continents, with some more areas of the world being accordingly illustrated separately from the clover.

The map is in Classical Chinesewith detailed annotations and descriptions of various regions of the world, a brief account of the discovery of the Americas, polar projectionsscientific explanation of parallels and meridians, and proof that the Sun is bigger than the Moon.

Following Chinese cartographical convention, Ricci placed China "the Middle Kingdom" at the centre of the world. This map is a significant mark of the expansion Chinese knowledge of the world, and an important example of cultural syncretism directly between Europe and China.

It was also exported to Korea and Japan as well. Illustrations of the four elements of fire, air, water, and land are included. In the four corners, there are portraits of Julius CaesarClaudius Ptolemyand the atlas's first two publishers, Gerard Mercator and Jodocus Hondiusthe father of Hendrik. Curiously, the map does not show the west coast features shown in Gerritsz' Caert.

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It also contains smaller northern and southern polar projections. The border is decorated with mythological scenes, one in each corner, drawn by the painter Nicolaes Berchemshowing ZeusNeptunePersephone and Demeter.

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