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Me being a software engineer came to know that it was a scam but wanted to know I met calvin wang wei since march 8, via we date app, we chatted on wechat for about 4 months. Name: Calvin Wang Wei Details: 38 years old cm Profession: petroleum engineer independent contractor Met the scammer on tinder. Claim to be from Taiwan, 22 years old Scammer 1 2. Proceeded to ask me to add her on Whatsapp. Introduced her sexual services as she needs money to study. Somebody called from other country with thick indian accents, pretending to be Singtel cyber security staff.

Angel retorts that he has a girlfriend, but Spike points out that Nina doesn't know that he's traveling all the way to Rome to visit his ex.

Spike asks Angel how he knew Buffy was in danger, and Angel mentions "a source". Spike mocks the fact that Angel sent a spy to do his "stalking" for him, but Angel defends himself explaining that he just wanted to make sure Buffy was safe.

Time Travel in Fiction Rundown

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