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Yoga is a traditional spiritual discipline with roots in Hindu philosophy. Yoga means union; the union of self and God. Yoga is the practice of merging with God that is done through mental, spiritual and physical practices. Yogi and yogini are related terms to describe a person who is a master practitioner of yogic discipline. Yogi is the male form and yogini is the female form.

Mahamayathe presiding deity of the Hirapur temple, is still regularly adorned with red cloth and vermilion. Mahamaya or, Great Illusion, is also a name by which the Buddha's mother is known. Hirapur means the diamond city. The Hindi or Sanskrit name is also transliterated Heera. This is familiar to us from Greek mythology where the name, Hera, is usually taken to mean widowdespite the fact that the queen of the Olympian gods was Zeus' lawful wife and mother to Hera cles.

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On an archaic amphora, she is depicted attended by Nike, whose association with space is conveyed by means of wings. The Hirapur hypaeythral temple. Hemmer's photo.

More about structure of the Hirapur temple Yogini or Dakini? There is a distinction among the terms goddess, shakti, yogini and dakini also, shakini though in general conversation it is blurred and the terms are used interchangeably. Goddess is a divine being of the highest order.

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She is absolute in her own right. However, we do not have a term in English for the consort, wife or companion of a god, so we use the term goddess here, too. In the Indian tradition it is most often applied to an "expression" of Shiva. Each yogini is also seen as a different part of Her body.

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However, in other religious texts, a yogini is an attendant of the Great Goddess. In Tibetan Buddhism, the expression meaning dakini is usually used for a female deity fulfilling the role of messenger or attendant. Though the term y ogini is also used for mysterious females who can effect extraordinary change that is ultimately, though not always apparently, beneficial, strictly speaking, a yogini is a female yogi.

She is any practitioner of tantric lore in any of its variety of kinds.

Ep. 36 Can I Be a Tantric Yogini and a Christian?

In legends and tales about yoginis, they are usually said to have acquired their siddhi s or magical powers, such as being able to transform people into animals or birds through the mastery of some practice or more rarely, by means of a transaction with a deity or Mahasiddha.

Dakini retains the connotation, though somewhat less in the Buddhist context, of a frightening being. In some Indian texts the word is used as a synonym for sorceresswitch or even ghoul. One of her essential qualities is the ability to fly; perhaps that is one of the reasons why temples dedicated to dakinis are open to the sky. In Orissa, surprisingly the ancient practice of witchcraft has still survived in certain areas. The Santali witches often leave behind their husbands in bed in the midst of the night to assemble in a forest.

Completely naked, they spend the rest of the night dancing and singing with 'bongas' spirits or deities and lions as their partners.

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At the break of dawn, they return to their beds, back to being what they originally were. The Santals believe that the 'talent' for witchcraft is not innate, but is attained through strict discipline. These are known as the Ashta Matrika s 8 Mothers.

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Each of these has 8 attendants and so we arrive at the number, However, these Matrikas, or other cts of Devi such as the fearsome Chamundas, do not appear at the Hirapur temple. Sapta Matrikas Seven Mothers are frequently carved on the outer walls of the Shiva temples.

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The eighth is the god's consort, in this case. Every drop of blood [ rakta ] shed by this demon turned into another weapon-wielding opponent of the Goddess'. Five of the six Orissan Devi temples are dedicated to the goddess as Chamunda.

Here she has the form of an emaciated crone standing on a corpse.

At least nine yogini temples have been discovered so far. The best known are the two in the state of Orissa, and the ones in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. since the figures resemble the style of those in the Mukteshwar temple in Bhubaneswar dating to the 9th century. That period is known as Orissa's Golden Age as a. However, there has been little attention given to women who have a passion for a certain practice, such as yoga, which actually makes them interestingly very "date-able" and "partner-able". I am a yogini and I am going to share with you why you should consider dating a yogini. Yoginis are flexibleAuthor: Reem Jabak. Mar 11,   When at Bhakti fest, bring your yogini a late night Date nut shake. Then, gift her with a pair of those boot-cut yoga pants she was eyeing earlier at one of the vendors. You know, the one's with the extra thick lycra she loves, but you secretly think her hips looks gigantic in. Don't debate your yogini .

She has prominent veins and tendons, and a gaping mouth and bulging eyes. The shrine of Vaitali or, Vetali is also named for her in her manifestation as a ghost or spirit.

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As in a yogini temple, it has sculpted images on its inner walls - in this instance there is the set of Matrikas with Chamunda-Vaitali as the main idol. There are also two fearsome or bhairava images, one wields a knife while a severed human head lies next to him. Two other severed human heads replace the fruit offerings as found on the similar tripods of the 14 other images in the shrine.

The rupa is of a corpulent boar-faced Varahi with curly hair. In one hand she holds a fish. Her vehicle is the buffalo. Sackler Galleries, wrote a book on the subject of Yogini Temples. The cult is influenced by Tantrik rituals and a great deal of the worship was conducted to achieve powers of black magic. The number 64, being a multiple of 8, is considered to have magical powers in the numerology of India.

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Devotees who performed this worship were known to conduct the Shava Chhedan ceremony - meaning the beheading of a dead body as the ultimate symbol of detachment from earthly desires. The members of this cult never harmed living beings and never conducted animal or human sacrifices. Until AD, there are references in history to the widespread following of this cult.

In the eastern provinces, there are reports that Yogini worshippers would ask for corpses from poor families with a promise of a grand funeral and provide this after their Shava or corpse ritual was over.

But in later centuries, out of scary nature of the rituals and because of the growing stronghold of the Bhakti movement all over India - which preached love of god as the finest path to self realisation - this cult died a slow death, and remained only in small pockets of India.

Thus, today, several Yogini temples are dilapidated and neglected with even tourists scared to enter them. Such a temple exists in Khajuraho. Several of them were not even known to archaeologists till In Yogini worship, the Tantrik symbol is a chakra with 64 spokes in the wheel.

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Each spoke represents one Yogini a form of Shakti. In most of the well-conserved temples, the sculptures of Yoginis are intact and none of them are erotic as in other temples. This is because this cult did not believe in sex as a path to self discovery. In the Buddhist, Kalachakra tantric system, there is described at the navel chakra called the Wheel of Emanation, 64 channels which are the 64 goddesses of the Speech Mandala.

A chakra within that system with images of the speech deites. Lineages Luipathe fisher mahasiddha whose Sanskrit name is Matsyendranath, taught a system of eight chakras which was the basis for the Ka[u]la Marga tantric system. Pandey with the Tamil Shaivas.

The 9th chapter of the Kaulajnana Nirnaya attributed to Matsyendranath presents the eight-chakra system, stating that the 64 yoginis are "well known in Kama-rupa.

However it was also used to refer to the Indian region of Assam which Pandey called "a stronghold of Tantrism. By meditating on each of the 64 petals we can induce the resident yogini to grant a boon in the form of a siddhi special ability.

The Kaula tradition teaches that in the fold complex of matrices lie all the secrets of bodily perfection and also, of alchemy:. These eight goddesses stand in the field, keeping the petals closed. Who knows why? They won't let you see Nandi and rise up.

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But you will drink the very substance of sky. If you puff and make the eight shaktis swoon, they'll open all the petals and go staggering off. By using the heart of the flower, you'll make them obey the Mother's commands. Elaayiram 7.

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Nandi can come here easily. The deepest essence will appear explicit and complete. In Joy, the body becomes perfected. Elaayiram One tantric Buddhist view has Krodha Kali Tib. Troma Nagmo accompanied by four dakinis, so that together, they are the Wisdoms of the Five Buddha families.

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Even, perhaps from very distant regions. In this next Krodha Kali image [ click again, ] Mahasiddha Luipa is at top left holding a fish in his right hand, but on the top right is a monk who could be of the Kadampa order.

The fact that Guru Padmasambhava is at the top indicates that the tangka is used by the Nyingma.

Posts about dating written by Yogini On the Loose. Love is in the air in Tulum. Maybe it's the lack of clothes, maybe the abundance of hot yogis or Latin men-but everyone is either already in love, looking for it, or finding it when they least expect. So, right before we salsa danced at La Zebra-our dinner discussion was on love. First, my yoga ladies and I discussed love in San Francisco. Nov 12,   An insider scoop on why dating a yoga chick is such a great idea. Are you a yogi or yogini and have a reason that didn't make the cut? This list is not exhaustive! Please add your favorite reasons in the comments below. Mar 05,   Unless you realize that your serious attitude could be the reason you're not getting a second date with your yogini. Do show up on time. If you're an eager beaver (or should I say for the beaver) and arrive early, chill. Don't pressure your yogini with a call or bullbreedadvisoryservice.com: Heather Dawn.

Finally, in one in which Machig Labdron is featured at the topthere are six yoginis in all. It is a circular enclosure of sandstone blocks on a foundation of laterites that is between 8 and 9 feet high on the exterior. This is the only one of the "yogini" temples that has female figures on its outer walls, and their distinctive qualities lead one to conclude that this was, at least at one time, a Buddhist shrine.

There are nine exterior niches, each home to a dakini sculpted in sandstone poised above large severed human heads. Each holds either her characteristic curved knife or spear in one hand, and her skull cup in the other.

There is a projecting entranceway, a feature not found in the other dakini temples. It is guarded by a pair of very wrathful, skeletal doorkeepers.

Oct 31,   Radha and Krishna. Parvati and Shiva. Sita and Ram. Deeply ingrained into the culture of yoga is the idea of spiritual partnership. Yoga, as you have likely heard before, is literally translated as union. This can be interpreted many ways, but one of the . Yogini is a more expansive word than yogi and refers primarily to a female master practitioner of yoga. However, the word yogini encompasses much more than simply a female teacher of yoga. Yogini has many definitions and also can mean a woman who has dedicated her life to mystical and spiritual knowledge and the pursuit of bullbreedadvisoryservice.comg: dating. Meet Spiritual Singles Spiritual Dating Service Religious Chat City Yoga Dating Service Dating For Hippies Disclaimer: Free basic membership allows you to browse the site, view profiles, send flirts and modify your profile.

Each one wears a skull garland and snake anklets. One holds a severed human head. On the pedestal are two other skeletal figures holding skull cups, each with a dog or jackal.

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The short, narrow entrance is on the east and it requires the worshipper to crouch over like a baby to enter the sacred space which has no upper limit at all. The interior wall is about 2 meters high and contains 64 niches each with a plaque over it that identifies the female figure within. Today, only sixty figures remain.

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The 64 female deities - the Chausati sixty-four are variously called yoginis, dakinis, shaktis or bhairavis, are as mentioned in the Skanda Purana. May 04, PM by Reem Jabak. I am a yogini and I am going to share with you why you should consider dating a yogini. Stating the obvious of course, but they are not just flexible in that sense although it is good bonusthey are open-minded and have a flexible mentality.

They are very adventurous and are constantly seeking new experiencesjust make sure you keep up! They strive to be strong and flexible physically, which also reflects on their personality and actions. Rigidity does not do well in relationships. Everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, whether its picking up a new habit or letting go of a bad one, and most people need an extra nudge or encouragement to get around to doing what they want to do.

Being with a partner who practices healthier habits will definitely give you positive encouragement to have a better lifestyle. Two, they are also physically healthier and really no one wants to date someone who is sick most of the time. Practicing yoga boosts immunity, increases blood flow to the organs, and slows down aging. There is more to them than just the material-world so impressing them superficially is not going to work.

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